Monday, June 01, 2020

Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Tucker says it all! I was spellbound watching this. The scenes of violence are SOOO hard to watch. But try to stick with it and listen to what Tucker has to say throughout this video. He really makes sense.

MSM DEFENDS ANTIFA: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany SHREDS Governors at...

Comments on "MSM DEFENDS ANTIFA: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany SHREDS Governors at White House Press Briefing"

Sue Neville
23 minutes ago (edited)
President Trump is a real man and the only one who has the courage to come out against the deep state..I love President Donald Trump, a Dad to America and the nations ❤️❤️❤️


10 minutes ago
Although it buts me that she is going on and on about how bad Trump feels about the poor black guy. How about all the WHITE people who have died?? Now Trump and Kayleigh are only playing into the "racist" stuff that gives these thugs an excuse to go nuts and loot and kill and get "free stuff"! Why don't they talk about how WAY more whites are killed by police? And how blacks are WAY more likely to commit crimes and be members of hate groups?


3 minutes ago
@cindybin2001 - It has been talked about numerous times and it's common knowledge with those who pay attention. All we ever hear from the deep state media like CNN is identity politics. Also, if Trump did, they would then again like always, call him a racist. They damn Trump if he does and damn him if he doesn't. It's catch 22. Are you a Trump supporter, or Biden supporter?


Paul Smith
1 minute ago
Yep, Sue, President Trump has shown that he is the right man for this swamp clearing at the right time.

1 second ago
@Ironmonkey103 Yes, that's true. Also, I'm a Trump supporter. I used to hate him and voted AGAINST him, only because of his bad language. I knew nothing about politics or what he stood for. I accidentally stumbled upon all these conservative YouTubers and would scold people when I learned they voted for Trump! But I kept watching and reading comments and doing research, and after thousands of videos I finally woke up and learned why we need to support him and how the mainstream media lies. Feel free to watch my Walkaway video on my channel! It explains everything.

Celebrities Fuel Riot Meltdown | Obama calling Looters "Thugs"

Rich Leftist Dude CHEERS For Rioting, Then It Comes To his House And He ...

Voltaic Fire
9 hours ago
"Go back to where you live."
They can't, they burnt it down because you supported them.


Greg Campbelle
8 hours ago (edited)
"Go back to where you live"  How progressive of him.   If a White person said this, it would automatically be considered hate speech, regardless of the circumstances.


Rebecca Lopez
2 hours ago


Rick Nelson
38 minutes ago
How sad, but now we will see if the left loves communism.

Voltaic Fire
18 minutes ago
@Rick Nelson Rather we'll see if they love being homeless. :)

12 hours ago
Celebs: "I paid a lot of money for your bail."
Rioters: "And you think this gives you ... power over me?"


9 hours ago
"I'm as down for the cause as anybody" - Rich Guy Who Doesn't Realize Eating the Rich is the Cause


12 hours ago
These elites always think they won't be on the target list of the "revolution."
"We're totally one of you guys struggling against the man." They say as they sip their expensive ass coffee.


john dead
8 hours ago
“Oh wait guys this a Gated Community we’re not allowed in here”


45 minutes ago
Lives in gated community

Border walls do nothing and are racist!

Yey far left logic

Corona Chan
24 minutes ago
More like "Gated communities have all the best stuff! Let's loot it, we'll be rich!"

D J,
9 hours ago
Anyone who really believe's these thug Care about George Floyd is Crazy the ones that protest do,  but the ones 85 % of them would Mow George down because they are Criminals most were probably were released from prison,  They want whatever they can steal or burn down,  worse than cockroaches...    Get the Military there and extinguish them all,  Less thugs in the world,  then the people that care can protest,  Best  thing the people that care can do is show up at the POS court and watch to see how much time he'll get,


12 hours ago (edited)
The hypocrisy of every wealthy liberal on the planet.
Nothing would make me happier than seeing Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills burning.


4 hours ago
I googled this Chris Martin Palmer guy, he looks exactly as dumb as he sounds.


12 hours ago (edited)
This reminds me of when anti-2nd amendment celebrities, during the L.A. riots, were begging to borrow Charlton Heston's guns for home defense as the mobs approached Beverly Hills. They couldn't  buy pistols because of of the Brady Bill's seven day wait period that they voted for.


James Martinez
12 hours ago
These virtual signaling “educated” professionals, were ok with looters and rioters burning stores and stealing flat screen TVs but going to upper class neighborhoods, like Santa Monica, manhattan’s upper West side , or Chicago’s northern suburbs is not supporting the cause?  What hypocrites.


Stan Long
10 hours ago
Wait a minute, here.
These rioters and looters are all "white supremacists" according to the MSM.
It's decent of the celebs to go and pay their bail.


The Media Did This

Tori H
3 hours ago
I'm black and it hurts me so much to see how much BLM is damaging America. It's a shame. Police Brutality is a problem for everyone not just black people.


Bill Billinger
2 hours ago
People peacefully protesting at our capital during lockdown called "terrorists" by MsM

People literally burning down cities, looting stores, and beating down innocent bystanders called protesters by MsM....

The media hates our country and her citizens. And will do anything to keep us under their narrative control.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Pathetic Racist Scumbag

Blogger B said...

Pathetic Racist Scumbag.

Blogger B. also said...

Oh, the racist snowflake has to approve her comments. Classic scumbag move.

Cindybin said...

Sigh, the only reason I have to approve comments now is because people have posted personal information. I never used to have to approve comments. But just because I've said we shouldn't smoke pot, people think they HAVE to attack and ridicule me and post all this mean stuff and post people's personal information. They think they have to "take me down a notch" because of course I think I am just PERFECT. That's what they think. They accuse me of thinking I am PERFECT and BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. Just because I have said we shouldn't use drugs.

And then you call me "racist" as if that is going to hurt me. Oh brother. This is why we all need to keep speaking up even MORE. I am just sooo upset that you guys don't understand about all this "racist" stuff. You all think that anybody who wants to protect their race, culture and heritage is "racist". But ONLY if they are white. If I were Chinese and said I wanted to protect my race, culture and heritage, you would be all for it, right? Or if I were black or Hispanic, too. But because I am WHITE, I am "racist" for saying I don't want the white race to die out or be overtaken. Even though whites are a GLOBAL MINORITY, and when we are gone, "diversity" will not bring us back! Are YOU white? Do you want to be wiped out, hunted down like animals like the minority whites in South Africa? Do you want to be forced to convert to Islam and/or be under Sharia Law? Do you want even MORE violent crime directed toward you and your loved ones and offspring? I sure don't! So tell me, why are you anti-white? Why are YOU "racist"?

Dr. Stanton - Genocide Watch - “These are HATE Crimes” - WARNING to the ...

cryfor sa
2 months ago
😭😭💔😭😭 The torture of our race is heart shattering this is so horrific. Vengeance will be dealt equally to them in many more ways that is a promise!!!


Conservative Texas Chick

Ben Potgieter
2 months ago
The world needs to see this.   This is our lives everyday


Conservative Texas Chick

Cliff Thompson
2 months ago
My God that is absolutely horrifying. But we have to remember to not fear Him that can get destroy the body. Fear him that can destroy the body and the soul. There are a lot of wicked people they're getting ready to go to hell very soon. The Gathering of the wheat and the tares.


Conservative Texas Chick

Concerned SA
2 months ago
They also use the compassion of farmers against them. There was an incident where attackers cut off the limbs of a pig and left it squealing on the side of the road. A farmer stopped to help it however he was subsequently shot dead... May it end soon!


Lua B
2 months ago
The elite want the farm land for hard times coming on the earth.


Leeu Vegter
2 months ago
It breaks my heart and makes me sad and emotional again. My Mother was killed and my brother was tortured for two days until he passed away. May God forgive them for what they done, but my longing, tears and feeling will never forgive and forget. I have to live with this everyday and their was no trauma councelling for us etc.
Hope my Heavenly Father forgive me one day for how I feel.


Cliff Thompson
2 months ago
I had to stop watching the video. But I will finish watching it in a few minutes. I just needed some time to dry my eyes. We have to hunt these monsters down and send them to their maker.


Whites being turned away from receiving Food - ANC-No Aid for Whites dur...

The SAHRC Joke | South Africa (2019)

FCC commissioner welcomes President Trump’s executive order on social media

This guy makes sense!!

As a left winger, i dont get why people are mad freedom fighters are lib...

Police Kill Tony Timpa a WHITE MAN While Kneeling On His Neck!

Police Kill Tony Timpa a WHITE MAN While Kneeling On His Neck!
508 views•May 29, 2020

Forgotten Patriot
1.79K subscribers

Where is the Justice for Tony Timpa!!?? where's the white people looting and destroying their cities?? Oh... Wait... Because we are smarter than that. Here's the story of Tony Timpa Being killed by Dallas police officers while kneeling  on his neck!

Full Video:
#TonyTimpa #GeorgeFloyd #MinneapolisRiots

Bruno The Doberman II
1 day ago
They don't care about Tony he is HuWhite.


Forgotten Patriot

Alex Waagemans
1 day ago
Really disturbing, this is the future we are going towards. I won't forget his name and will be telling everyone about Tony Timpa.

Great vid, keep it up.

Man Brutally Beaten For Defending His Business From Rioters!

Christina x
9 hours ago
This happens to White men and women in England and Europe every day EVEN CHILDREN. BY PAKISTANIS AND BLACK AFRICANS.


Forgotten Patriot

Christina x
9 hours ago
This is happening world wide to White people, it's not reported and covered up by police!!!!


Forgotten Patriot

Christina x
9 hours ago
This is black people. Look at South Africa. And London. I'm from England and this is what they are like here. Germany and France too! Only difference is we have Pakistanis doing it too. And the police here are utter cowards they don't defend us English! 🤬🤬🤬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Antifa PAYING young protesters to destroy!