Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ethnic cleansing of the EUROPEAN

George Floyd Insurgency Minneapolis Terrorists Must be Stopped

Pot Smokers Making Their Own Decisions as Adults

Michael says:

Cindybin I support people making their own decisions as adults. I don’t care what others do that has no affect on myself. Sorry you can’t comprehend this. Instead you waist your life telling others what to do like some self stated hall monitor. Nobody liked those kids in school either and now we know what happens when one gets old. Even the Bible tells you to mind your own business in manny different ways and it’s not for you to judge another man but I guess the Bible is immoral also. People can still be good people and use a plant or drink or whatever they choose as long as it’s in moderation. Your addicted to posting online about nonsense to feel relevant somehow. I guarantee you it has had just as much a negative affect as if you where a heavy drug user. How would you feel if study’s where presented that showed the negative affect your ranting online had and suddenly it became illegal and you where made to be a criminal over something so minuscule. Think about that before telling everyone how wrong they are.

Cindybin replies:

AARGGHHH you people drive me insane! Of course you lecture me like a child, telling me how I should support people's rights to make their own decisions, how I "waist my life telling others what to do," and how I shouldn't judge, blah blah blah. As if I need to be TAUGHT THAT. This is why I have to keep speaking up against pot year after year, can't you see that? STOP THINKING ABOUT POT! Stop worrying about whether your precious "weed" is legal or not. Stop lecturing me about how people can make their own decisions and how I tell people what to do. You shouldn't even be THINKING about such things as pot and whether it's legal or not. I SURE NEVER DO! I've never even SEEN pot. I never think about pot in my daily life. I have no desire to consume a mind-altering drug. You should not even BE on this message board. Why are you here? Why are you soooo concerned and focused on marijuana?? Grow up and get a life and STOP THINKING ABOUT DRUGS!

Comments like yours are the entire reason I continue to speak up against drugs and alcohol, can't you see that? If you weren't here, I wouldn't be speaking up about this. I would be on my way, doing my own thing. I have a MILLION things to do. I am SO BUSY, tons of projects and hobbies, etc. But instead, you guys make these ridiculous comments to me about POT, and of course I am going to try and help you understand why we shouldn't use drugs! And it makes me FURIOUS that you guys lecture me about how just because someone smokes pot doesn't mean they are a bad person. Again, comments like yours are the ENTIRE REASON I've had to keep speaking up against pot year after year. And booze. And all kinds of other things.

Friday, May 29, 2020

What the Minneapolis Riots Mean


Guys online who still say all this stuff about pleasuring themselves to my picture and "f-ing me in the a-word" and stuff about poo, etc. Do you realize that guys have said this to me online many, many times for YEARS? Long before you came along. Remember, I have been online for years, and in the filthiest chat rooms there are. Back on the old Yahoo boards people said everything and anything. Even on certain lowcarb sites they would say everything and anything. Heck, I've said everything and anything MYSELF! Far worse than what you guys still tell me today. You really think that telling me how you pleasure yourself to my picture or all the other ridiculous things you say is going to SHOCK me? You think I'm sitting here saying, "Oh my heaven's! I can't believe he said that! Oh I am just astounded! I will have to leave the mean old Internet immediately!" You really think I'm saying that? Oh brother. You guys would be shocked at what I have said!

Anyway, the entire reason I have to keep speaking up about things the way I do is BECAUSE of the things you guys say and do! I realize more than ever how much I need to keep speaking up! We ALL need to.

Why These Riots Were Inevitable.

Mr. D.
7 minutes ago
Ask the media why it didn't cover the black man who shot the 2 mourners at a grave or the 20-yr-old black orderly who beat up an elderly nursing home resident?  Because they are pushing an agenda.


Gabby Hayes
3 minutes ago
Exactly.  So true.


Mr. D.
34 seconds ago
@Gabby Hayes
Those were horrific crimes!  But instead, the media went completely gonzo with that stupid story of the woman with the dog in Central Park, which was absolutely nothing by comparison.


Mr. D.
11 minutes ago
The media is stoking this.  "Protesters" don't burn down innocent businesses.  Criminals and opportunists do.


Mister Lackey
5 minutes ago
Yep. Media and the Left are pretty much one in the same. All about politics, stoking ugly human nature for political advantage.


3 minutes ago
So true!


7 minutes ago (edited)
What a perfect time to be a criminal. Wearing a mask is mandatory. You can just blend in with the mob.


Georg Friedrich Hendl
5 minutes ago
Sadly, Samuel P. Huntington was right. You see it in all "multicultural" countries. There is no single example in the world or history, where multiculturalism worked.


9 minutes ago
Antifa at work?


Lets Create a retro TV and Purse Bonus TM and Walmart Hauls

PV Conversations: James O'Keefe and #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka

1 second ago
Brandon is great! I'm a grandmother and posted my Walkaway video on my channel last month if anyone wants to check it out! Just click on my user name and it should take you right there!

6 minutes ago (edited)
I was center left about 5 years ago. The left turned insane, so I walked away.
Does anyone remember when the left opposed corporations abusing people? Now they cheer Twitter and Google for oppressing regular people.


String Monkey
5 minutes ago
I ran away, and the more I watched, the further right I moved.


7 minutes ago
Wow, great guest!


Tucker: Media fan racial flames

The Hong Kong Flu Killed 100,000 Americans, But the Economy Didn’t Shut ...

How to Make Hardtack (The Bread that Lasts Forever)

"Let The Games Begin" Twitter Immediately Starts Hiding Trump’s Tweets

"Let The Games Begin" Twitter Immediately Starts Hiding Trump’s Tweets


1 hour ago
Zuckerberg: "I cannot believe the government is going to censor us because we censor others! It's not fair!"


Jennifer M
1 hour ago
President Trump will win 2020


1 hour ago
Best President in my 65 year life time.


Walking Roscoe
53 minutes ago
When a company prides themselves on neutrality and then gets called to prove it...
...they will have zero credibility to complain.


1 hour ago
The radical leftist SJW's need to be held accountable for election rigging, censorship and free speech violations


56 minutes ago
Lmao I love how they’re claiming censorship when they themselves censor people they deem not worthy of being on their platform. Lol that literally makes them a publisher and that’s literally what trump said. Amazing how dumb these tech giants are


1 hour ago
This was a long time coming.  I just don’t like the timing, the left and ill informed view it as revenge

AMERICA IS BURNING: Rioters Continue Rampage as Mayor Says it's Justifie...

1 second ago
John Mark has a good video about this. It boils down to these people and their lower IQ and low impulse control. We will NEVER get through to them, and the answer is to separate.

10 minutes ago
State Enforced diversity is an act of Genocide.

3 minutes ago
Enforcing diversity is immoral

Stephen 2020
10 minutes ago
Future Astronauts and Doctors, just living up to their stereotypes..

Sum FãggOtt
9 minutes ago
I love how people are justifying looting like underage toddlers.


Brian Smyth
9 minutes ago
The amount of race mixing advertisements here in Ireland is disgusting!

Mighty Forces
11 minutes ago

Chill Out
7 minutes ago
Same here in Australia, every family on a commercial here, has a white wife with a black husband, it's repulsive.

5 minutes ago
@Chill Out I literally keep a note of every brand I see doing this and never buy the products again.

Dusty Gozongas
3 minutes ago (edited)
Don't you want to be a gray,  low IQ race of consumer debt slaves that no longer have a shared  history beyond what fast food you like and what approved Netflix show you watch? Fascist!

Chill Out
1 minute ago
@PotatoDigger....Haha, same brother. It's so pathetic and embarrassing.

Timbaj Wolf
42 seconds ago
Same in the states.

Bruna Fiorentino
42 seconds ago
And you have elected the left. Huge mistake.

Jimmy Lynn
40 seconds ago
same here in the UK you would think every family was multiracial in Britain with the amount of mixed race messaging we have to put up with the true percentage is about 15% yet every advertisement is mixed ....

1 second ago
Oh that just makes me sick! It is white genocide, it really is! When whites are gone, "diversity" will not bring us back!

Mighty Forces
9 minutes ago
Google the Mayor. Read his Bio. He condones this action. He's a Yooden!

Geert Matthys
9 minutes ago
The only remaining items in Minneapolis:
Fathers Day cards
work clothes 😆

Portman Geles
7 minutes ago
We can't live together. And every year that passes is another reason why.

1 second ago
So true! John Mark has a good video about this.

Flat Earth Preacher
11 minutes ago
just crisis actors doing what they are told to do


Three Spoons - FC Aspergers
8 minutes ago
When some store owners put "Black owned business"-signs behind their window, to prevent looting, you know there's something wrong with race-relations in this country

8 minutes ago
We see this all the time in my country, if you need to know where you guys a heading too remember the blue print  was written in South Africa and no-one took notice


Michael says:

Cindybin please explain what gives you the right to tell another adult what they should and should not do when it has absolutely no affect on you- bet you cant justify you insanity.

Cindybin replies:

ARGGHH For the billionth time, the reason I have to KEEP speaking up against pot and alcohol is because of comments like yours! I have said over and over I can't MAKE anyone not smoke pot or drink alcohol! I don't even know you guys! All I do is react to what you blab on the Internet for all to see. And we are all here to make decisions in life, to exercise our free agency, to learn and grow spiritually. That's what life is all about! But do you REALLY think it's a wise decision to get high on POT? Aren't you better than that? Of course you are! What parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and use drugs? At any age? Most parents try to teach their kids morals, values and common sense to know that this is wrong! And I know many of these same parents think nothing of using a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol, but they are hypocrites. I call them out on it! We all need to!

Anyway, as I said, comments like yours keep me speaking up against pot. You shouldn't even be THINKING about pot! I sure never do! But look at you, all worried about your precious WEED and if it's legal or not, worried about what someone on the Internet has to say about WEED, etc. Go live your life, FREE OF DRUGS!!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

It's a Person's Choice to Use Cannabis!

Ray says:

You ridicule people for their own decisions, so reap what you sow! It’s a personal preference for one to use the near future it will be legal, at the federal level. All cannabis use is medicinal, all cannabis is the same whether it’s labeled medical or recreational, it’s the same cannabis! You need to take a step back, you are convincing no one, it’s their choice, and your close to being crazy!

Cindybin replies:

ARGGHHH YOU PEOPLE ARE SO IMMORAL I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! What is wrong with you? STOP ACTING LIKE I'M THE CRAZIEST PERSON ON EARTH, just because I say we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally! I don't say anything that any other parent wouldn't say, and you know it! Is this how you're going to raise your kids? To grow up and get high on POT?? Seriously, what is WRONG with you people??

And it makes me FURIOUS that you guys always gloat about how pot will be legal. THAT doesn't make it right to get high on pot, and it doesn't mean YOU have to! Aren't you better than that??? And can't you see that comments like yours and all the others here only prove why pot should be ILLEGAL?? Seriously, do we really want people like you walking around actually USING a mind-altering drug? HECK NO!

And I KNOW IT'S THEIR CHOICE, stop telling me that! I KNOW IT'S EVERYONE'S CHOICE! I can't MAKE anyone not smoke pot or not drink alcohol! I don't even KNOW you people! All I do is react to what you tell everyone on the Internet. I wouldn't even KNOW you guys smoke pot if you hadn't blabbed it all for everyone to see! But now that I know, of COURSE I am going to try and help you understand why this is wrong! Who wouldn't?? And can't you see that the more you guys lecture me about how it's their choice, the more we all realize pot should be illegal? And then you bring up about how medical and recreational pot is the same? THEN THAT REALLY MEANS POT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL! IT REALLY REALLY MEANS IT! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT??

Minneapolis Riots - 7 Reasons They're a HUGE WIN for the Smart Right

Minneapolis Riots - 7 Reasons They're a HUGE WIN for the Smart Right

"FAKE NEWS IS THE WORST" President Trump SLAMS Media During Social Media...

Cindy Dufala
Thank you President and Commander-In-Chief Donald John Trump. We STAND READY to defend OUR USA NOW and forever.

sara abbott
Good for President Trump! About time..

Peiman Ghatan
Trump 2020

Pamela Hernandez
Alright Sir Trump Trump 2020

I think what people are really pissed off about concerning social media, is all the double standards, censorship, and absolutely no accountability. They give you a terms of service and say you violated it but did not mention or tell you how. They don't necessarily respond and they don't necessarily fix their mistakes. They just leave everybody hanging in the Wind!

ER Physician Debunks the MSM’s Corona Narrative and Lockdown

Typical Reply When Speaking Up Against Profanity

Ratel Mike says:

Listen lady. I'm ex South African Army and if you think I'm in any way threatened or supposed to be scared about you being a reporter, journalist whoever writing a book, video ranting off to the Gestapo thought police you have another thought coming. You left wing nutjobs are convinced you can order and tell anybody what to do and when people like me, free men tell you to piss off. Guess what that's our right as free men. I will say whatever I want whenever I want at whom ever I want and I dont give a damn about you or your Gestapo thought police. Have a nice life now go away!!!

Cindybin Replies:

Oh I just want to cry. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ACT LIKE THIS? I am trying to HELP you! I am trying to make a difference in the world and help people understand why it's crude, offensive and immoral to use profanity! Haven't you heard that a gentleman shouldn't swear in front of a lady? There are LADIES here. And what type of young lady is a guy going to attract if he swears? Don't you want to marry a NICE woman? Someone who will be a good mother to your children someday? Aren't you worth that? Think of your future! And Heavenly Father doesn't want us to use profanity. Surely you know that. Heavenly Father wants us to be the best person we can be! And again, we will never get nice, decent people to want to come here and read comments and listen to videos and LEARN things, if there is bad language. My husband and  most of our friends AVOID YouTube, and stick with the  mainstream media where people don't swear. Do you see my point?

And it makes me FURIOUS that you guys always lecture me about free speech. I DEFEND FREE SPEECH MORE THAN ANYBODY! I have for YEARS! I hate moderated sites, because I'm always the one to be banned, just for doing things like speaking up against profanity, pot, alcohol, or even mentioning Tommy Robinson! It's not fair! As I've said a billion times, YES YOU CAN CUSS ALL YOU WANT. I can't stop you! But I am using MY freedom of speech to HELP you! To try and make a difference in the world!

And "left wing"? HAVE YOU NOT READ A THING I HAVE WRITTEN? Go watch my "Walkaway" video on my channel which shows how I wasn't even into politics up until a couple years ago, and then accidentally stumbled upon all these conservative YouTube videos and have watched thousands of them to learn the truth about why we need to support Trump and be a conservative, and how the mainstream media lies!

Alan Kay -Alone Season 1 Winner - ECO Survival Group Weekend

The Media Reporting on the Minneapolis Incident is SHAMEFUL

1 second ago
Being WHITE in America should not be a death sentence, but it IS in so many cases!! It's so scary! And look at what is happening to the minority whites in South Africa! Yet most people have NO CLUE.

1 day ago
Clearly the goal is to make blacks untouchable and unaccountable and have free reign to be completely lawless.


Charles Fritz
1 day ago
The mayor of Minneapolis is of a certain tribe and certainly isn’t from the home stock.


Dusty Gozongas
1 day ago
My issue is that somehow,  instead of issues with police and crime policy,  a Hispanic cop and an Asian cop means white people have to pay.


Cool Tuber
1 day ago
Geez, what a surprise a Democrat Politician making a comment like the Minneapolis Mayor made. 🙄


12 hours ago
He looks like an American Trudeau.

Ashley Walker
1 day ago
I was waiting for u to cover this.. cant trust the media whatsoever.


1 day ago
i cant breahte ... i cant breathe .... ggghhhhhhh!
great reporting .   i can trust that ....


12 hours ago
If we did protest over the nursing home beatings, headline would be: "Huwhte supremacists and Not-sees protest so-called 'racially motivated' beatings in nursing home".
They want to always hurt us and make us lose/look bad. They are evil.

1 second ago
I know! When I first started waking up and understand how the mainstream media lies, I saw the story about the Covington Catholic kids last year. I was aghast, but then told myself to wait and hear what Vincent James has to say about it. And sure enough, he was among the first to watch the entire video of the incident which shows the truth! Most people have no clue and laugh at me when I tell them learn the truth from YouTubers. They think you can't trust anything on YouTube! They actually believe the mainstream media! It's so frustrating!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

GOP Senator urges government to revoke Twitter’s liability immunity

Closet Clean Up | Plus Mini Haul | 60s & 70s Style

US media backs social media censorship to spite Donald Trump

Baptisms for the dead and preaching in the Spirit World?

AMERICA IS BACK: Kayleigh McEnany FULL White House Briefing 5/26/20

Russell Dodd
15 hours ago
She's like RAID to the roaches.


Junior Locomotive
13 hours ago (edited)
Kayleigh "The Terminator" McEnany.


15 hours ago (edited)
"the president is excited to see that  Joe emerged from his basement".  ha ha, that's a pretty sly stinger. 2:58 - and funny.


Geo T
15 hours ago
Where did Trump ever find this absolute jewel of a press secretary?


2 seconds ago
I know! It just astounds me how great she is!

Juniper 26
12 hours ago
Trump's Lethal Weapon 💪💯


Ursa Minor
16 hours ago
It’s so clear that the msm are pushing a false narrative that is fear based and invented. It’s sickening


15 hours ago
"Asking the same question twice doesn't make it a better question" DAMN.


Michoel J.
15 hours ago
All the hate I’m seeing directed at Kayleigh McEnany seems to be because she’s good at her job.


John Sadler
11 hours ago
she is just sharp that’s the only way I can put it


Just The Facts
11 hours ago
The Force is with her, these minions are outclassed..

Trump Threatens Social Media Outlets With New Regulations/Shutdown

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


The Safety of Legal Medical Marijuana

Ray says:

You need counseling.....there are legal prescriptions that cannabis could effectively replace without any harmful side are so far out of touch with reality it’s hilarious!

Cindybin replies:

AARGGHHH YOU PEOPLE DRIVE ME INSANE! I have said over and over that the entire reason I have to keep speaking up against pot year after year is because you guys lecture me about MEDICAL use and how it's safe. I KNOW THAT! One can find that information anywhere! Nobody is against MEDICINE! Anything that helps with a true medical condition is a GOOD thing! I AM TALKING ABOUT RECREATIONAL DRUG USE, can't you see that? Are you guys that dense?? And you claim to be all about MEDICAL use. Yeah right. If you were a TRUE decent medical user, you would support me in saying we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs like pot and alcohol RECREATIONALLY. You would be APPALLED at all the mean, horrible, stupid, ridiculous comments and videos and articles by pot smokers! But NOOOOO, you just make this snide comment and call me "out of touch with reality", blah blah blah. This proves why we all need to speak up even MORE AGAINST POT!

Jimmy Fallon BLACKFACE Controversy as Cancel Culture Begins DESTROYING I...

Free Speech for All

Randy Van Horn
1 hour ago
The Democrat mindset is that of a little child. "If I can't have it no one can!".  Or, "That's not fair!".

2 hours ago
"Equality" from a politician truly means equal suffering

2 hours ago
I missed your glorious stache, John.

2 hours ago
My brother is deaf and he and I agree that type of regulation is non-sense

Charlie Westbrook
2 hours ago
If the Democrats win they’re gonna pass laws banning “hate speech”

knuckledragging neanderthal
1 hour ago
It's almost like the Disabilities Act is unconstitutional.

1 hour ago
That's a true libertarian: create solutions through competition rather than laws.

2 hours ago (edited)
I would love if LBRY will get big enough to be an actual competitor to youtube, I'm sick of its monopoly over content creation

Megan Lockhart
1 hour ago
“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Right now the left controls the present via the media. If we want to remain free, we have to take it back.

MNI Andes
2 hours ago (edited)
"You want to let the unreasonable opposition speak! Because they manifest themselves as unreasonable. You don't want to ban their speech and force them underground where no one knows what they're up to." - Jordan Peterson

2 hours ago
Ironically, most of those videos would have been subtitled by the community for free, if they had simply bothered to ask.

The Best Stooge
1 hour ago
I would not be surprised to see this video suddenly go bye bye for the mere mention of [deleted] service.

2 hours ago
The big gov knows best. We should just assimilate and conform to their will. CONFORM NOW!!!

Random World Of Channel Dad Bryon Lape
2 hours ago
All my videos get echoed to LBRY. They used to echo automatically to Bitchute too.

whoa that's a nice meme
34 minutes ago
I'm deaf and I would never want things to be taken down in my "honor."
I'd rather not have any form of censorship...which is what that is no matter how they choose to color it.
Once again, Thanks Obama..

2 hours ago
I am so glad I watched this video because I had no idea what lbry was and now I do.

Jack Hartigan
2 hours ago
In few hours them youtube minions over in west coast gonna wake up soon and see this... Video deletion in 3...2...

2 hours ago
I'll be leaving Youtube, now that this is posted!

Todd Brill
55 minutes ago
A couple of caveats about LBRY: if the creator has some kind of "back door" access to the system, or control over a proprietary app you have to use to access it, or it requires DNS to function, or hosting to function, or has any dependencies that aren't decentralized, or if its easy to identify users, it can be attacked and taken down. We've seen this many times: governments and hackers use laws, bureaucracy, and even intimidation and threats to take down apps and content they don't like.

Eff Yoo
2 hours ago
Freedom if the body,  freedom of the mind. John Stossel saves us again. I used to love seeing stoss segments on tv. It was a rare treat back then. Now, i can seek him out. Thanks for the info on lbry

Geert Matthys
2 hours ago
LBRY is banned from Facebook so it must be growing

Alexander Jones
2 hours ago
I love your videos Stossel keep spreading the good word!

Tom's Tinkering and Adventures
1 hour ago
We’re from the government and we’re here to help!

Nitesh Kumar
2 hours ago
We need to promote tf outta this LBRY
Share LBRY links instead of youtube.

American Spain
2 hours ago
John Stossle! Thank you buddy this is what I've been waiting for

14 minutes ago
Yeah, that's the leftist mentality considering "equity" in a nutshell: "If everybody can't have it, then nobody can."

1 hour ago
If it’s illegal to post a lecture online without captions, why is it legal to have an on campus lecture without a sign language interpreter?

50 minutes ago
1:31 "Berkeley took its videos down..."  The Second Principle of Liberalism: Everyone Must Be Equally Miserable.

Jan Jaworski
1 hour ago
I've been using LBRY since February and I'm impressed how good it is despite being such a young project. It is already a good alternative to Youtube and I can't wait to see more creators uploading their videos there.

Michael John
2 hours ago
Hope & Pray...
But we shall see

2 hours ago
A Youtube alternative? Count me in!

Blue Thumb
1 hour ago
I've been waiting for a competitor to YouTube!!

Bic Lighter Mods - Upgrade Your EDC In Seconds!

Monday, May 25, 2020

صنعت بيت للارنب سهل وغير مكلف Diy bunny home 兔子回家 खरगोश का घर

White Countries

This really is important! Please share!

Jane Asher Interview with Celia Irving who play "Alice through the Looki...

Amal Clooney Criticizes World Response To Yazidi Genocide | NBC News

Islamic State: 'It costs more for a girl with blue eyes'

STOP Islamic rape Join ForBritain

6 hours ago
Great respect  for Maggie for what she is doing but how about giving Tommy Robinson an interview about this. He has been fighting this for a long time too but just gets labelled a far right extremist. Why is that? Why let Maggie come on and speak about it but not Tommy?


5 hours ago
Sparky, neither Tommy or Anne Marie waters will ever be acknowledged for the work they have done to stop these rapists. While they are not acknowledged, the government needs to hang its head in shame as it proves they are not ready to tackle this full on. Excellent work Maggie, thank god you have kept going with this, so proud of you. #ForBritain 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

John Briggs
4 hours ago   Koran 2:191” Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them”
Tabari 9:69 “Killing unbelievers is a small matter to us” the word of Muhammad prophet of Islam, Koran 22 101.
Koran 3:28” Muslims must not take the infidels as friends”
Koran 3:” Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable”
Koran 5:33 “Maim & crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam”
Koran 8:12 “Terrorize &behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Quran”
Koran 8:60 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels”
Koran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them” 
Koran 9:5 “When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you catch them”
Koran 9:30 The Jews & the Christians are perverts; fight them” 
Koran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood”
Koran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin & bellies”
Koran 47:4” Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them” The UK still does little to nothing & to date the RAPES CONTINUE & there is no end of CHILD RAPING! VOTE ForBritain Anne Marie Waters. If Islam were a religion of peace, then the extremists would be extremely peaceful. Nationalism is a natural phenomenon that helps a people maintain themselves without succumbing to outside influences.  Join & vote #ForBritain today

Roger Miller
6 hours ago
Good luck stopping this. When your consecutive governments have already submitted to islam you have a fat chance of the authorities stopping this. Islam is taking over aided by your government. The U.K. imported 360,000 last year. How many this year?!?! Stop voting liblabcnt.