Monday, May 11, 2020

BUSTED: NBC Host Caught Deceiving Viewers w/ Edited Video AGAIN

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Great job as always! We learn so much from you! Also, one of the things that really woke me up was the Covington Catholic school kids, and how the mainstream media accused those boys in the MAGA hats of taunting the Native American man! Nick Sandmann received tons of death threats and hate, even from celebrities! It was the YouTubers who were among the first to watch the unedited tape and learn that those boys did nothing wrong and that it was the Native American man who was at fault! I talk about this on my Walkaway video.

Hilton: Stop dangerous divisive misinformation

La Vita Secondo Jim - Canzone di Jenny Mcfame

Jim Belushi's daughter Jami, at the end of an episode of According to Jim. So cute, and such a great voice!

This is a Problem