Saturday, May 30, 2020

Pot Smokers Making Their Own Decisions as Adults

Michael says:

Cindybin I support people making their own decisions as adults. I don’t care what others do that has no affect on myself. Sorry you can’t comprehend this. Instead you waist your life telling others what to do like some self stated hall monitor. Nobody liked those kids in school either and now we know what happens when one gets old. Even the Bible tells you to mind your own business in manny different ways and it’s not for you to judge another man but I guess the Bible is immoral also. People can still be good people and use a plant or drink or whatever they choose as long as it’s in moderation. Your addicted to posting online about nonsense to feel relevant somehow. I guarantee you it has had just as much a negative affect as if you where a heavy drug user. How would you feel if study’s where presented that showed the negative affect your ranting online had and suddenly it became illegal and you where made to be a criminal over something so minuscule. Think about that before telling everyone how wrong they are.

Cindybin replies:

AARGGHHH you people drive me insane! Of course you lecture me like a child, telling me how I should support people's rights to make their own decisions, how I "waist my life telling others what to do," and how I shouldn't judge, blah blah blah. As if I need to be TAUGHT THAT. This is why I have to keep speaking up against pot year after year, can't you see that? STOP THINKING ABOUT POT! Stop worrying about whether your precious "weed" is legal or not. Stop lecturing me about how people can make their own decisions and how I tell people what to do. You shouldn't even be THINKING about such things as pot and whether it's legal or not. I SURE NEVER DO! I've never even SEEN pot. I never think about pot in my daily life. I have no desire to consume a mind-altering drug. You should not even BE on this message board. Why are you here? Why are you soooo concerned and focused on marijuana?? Grow up and get a life and STOP THINKING ABOUT DRUGS!

Comments like yours are the entire reason I continue to speak up against drugs and alcohol, can't you see that? If you weren't here, I wouldn't be speaking up about this. I would be on my way, doing my own thing. I have a MILLION things to do. I am SO BUSY, tons of projects and hobbies, etc. But instead, you guys make these ridiculous comments to me about POT, and of course I am going to try and help you understand why we shouldn't use drugs! And it makes me FURIOUS that you guys lecture me about how just because someone smokes pot doesn't mean they are a bad person. Again, comments like yours are the ENTIRE REASON I've had to keep speaking up against pot year after year. And booze. And all kinds of other things.

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