Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tucker: Impeachment seemed like a fleeting prospect

MUST WATCH! Jim Jordan Leaves Nadler Completely SPEECHLESS In An EPIC Clash

Rep. Jordan: "They always accuse us of what they're doing."

What the youth of the western world should know about Islam !


blanc_dragon says:

There's a youtube video of a man in Canada (where cannabis is legal) who gives his mother, who has Alzheimer's, some cannabis and she stops pacing and declaring her home isn't her home. She doesn't even remember those behaviors after her treatment and acts perfectly normal. So, yes, it can help with Alzheimer's and other neurological issues, like epilepsy and MS.

Cindybin says:

Yes, this is great that cannabis helps with Alzheimers, epilepsy, and MS! That means it's okay for teens to get high on pot and try pot out of peer pressure! And it's good for grown adults to get high on pot, too! Actually I should call it WEED. It makes me sound cooler.

blanc_dragon says:

Get counseling Cindybin, for your control-freak freak outs. You are not seducing anyone who is well informed of your craziness.

Try reading a book: Dr. David Casarrett: "Stoned: A Doctor's Case For Med!cal Mar!juana"

Try developing some compassion for those patients that are not helped by BigPharma's pushing their drugs, via doctors.

Try looking at some videos on youtube: search "cannabis research" and enlighten yourself on how it saves lives, and makes some lives so much better. See the ex-cop with Parkinson's stop shaking and become able to talk and walk again, after just a puff or two.

Cindybin says:

I just read that book. Wow. I had NO IDEA that there were uses for medical MJ. Who knew! In all the 20 years I have ranted about pot, NOBODY EVER TOLD ME THIS. YOu have really opened my eyes. You and that book. Wow, this just amazes me. I had NO IDEA. If only I had known sooner! Now I'm going to go out and get me some WEED, man!


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