Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Something is Wrong with MSNBC ��

Wow, this is just sickening. I'm a grandmother and used to hate Trump, voting AGAINST him only because of the pussy comment. I knew nothing of what he stood for and didn't care. I wasn't into politics. All I heard was that comment from the MSM about grabbing them by the pussy, and that was enough to vote AGAINST him. I was shocked that he won and said I'd move to Canada! Then about a year later I ACCIDENTALLY stumbled upon all these conservative YouTube videos. I had to watch thousands of videos before finally waking up. I finally learned the truth about Trump. The mainstream media is INSANE!! Everyone except Tucker Carlson and a few others on Fox News. And what gets me is that I am a retired newspaper reporter and we were always taught to get the facts, or boy did we hear about it. Most of these "journalists" do NOT have the facts! They twist and distort things and have soooo many misconceptions! It's just crazy! All this has made me want to start writing tons of articles and send them to all the media outlets I can find, just to get them to wake up! As it is, I share all these videos and tons of articles on my blog, but NOBODY READS IT! Just a few pot smokers who come by and attack me and call me "racist" because I support Trump, and that's only because I have spoken up against their precious "weed".

Monday, July 01, 2019

HONK: CNN Favorite ANTIFA Attacks Gay Asian Journalist ��

Our Antifa Occupied Media

I never even heard of Antifa until last year when I accidentally stumbled upon all these conservative YOuTube channels. And I'm a retired newspaper reporter! I asked my husband who is well read and watches the news and he never heard of them. Neither have any of my college-educated friends. I sure would love to sit down and talk to each and every one of these "Antifa" bullies and talk some sense into them! They should be ashamed of themselves!!

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Inside the Hypocritical Mind of a BBC Correspondent // The Dalai Lama

Zoo Pornographer - SNL

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Alex F
Alex F
3 days ago
Never let them take away your guns. I live in Germany and we are not allowed to own guns, so we are not able to defend ourselves against armed criminals and the government can do whatever they like. Never let this happen to you, unless you want to be helpless victims.


Reid Henrichs

1 second ago
Thank you for your comment. Good advice.

3 days ago
I would rather die on my feet, then live on my knees.


Ronald Stoltz
Ronald Stoltz
3 days ago
"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."- Thomas Jefferson


Andy Ngo Antifa Attack is why we called out milkshaking

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This is Not a Joke