Friday, June 21, 2019

UK Comedian Encourages EPIC Acid Attack Pranks

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ProudLib writes:

You believe anything you see on YouTube? You're dumber than you seem. Anyone can put anything on YouTube, it doesn't need to be fact checked or researched.

Cindybin replies:

OH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, yet ANOTHER Internet person making fun of me for watching YouTube? I have explained over and over that YouTube has the truth! The mainstream media is the one that lies and distorts and doesn't report everything! For example, Yahoo and other mainstream media ran with the story about the Covington Catholic kids in the MAGA hats "taunting" that native American man. Those kids received tons of death threats. It was YOUTUBE people who took the time to watch the entire video and learn that those kids were not at fault and that it was the Native American man who taunted THEM! But by this time it was too late and the damage had been done. Those kids are suing the mainstream media for millions and I hope they win!

Have you heard of Lauren Southern? WATCH HER VIDEOS. She does more good, pure journalism in one week than most journalists do in a lifetime. Go watch her "Farmlands" documentary. Go watch Mark Dice, The Red Elephants, Millennial Millie, Kaitlin Bennett, Paul Joseph Watson, and TONS OF OTHERS.

Do you know who Tommy Robinson is? FIND OUT. And don't believe the hit pieces written about him. Watch Tommy himself, read his book. Again, there are TONS of good, decent, honest YouTube channels out there that tell us the TRUTH, unlike the mainstream media!


Max says:

@ProudLib - Yes, you are right about YouTube, Anyone can put anything they want on YouTube and yes it is not fact checked, but you know what? The fact checking portion is left up to the viewer. It's not hard to watch a video and then go and do your own research to help formulate your own opinion. There are a few things that I have noticed consistently about both Conservative and Liberal YouTube content creators. The first is that while most liberal channels are passionate about the topics that they post about they rarely come at a topic from a logical and in most cases rarely a factual basis. And the ones that actually attempt to usually only cite self serving and biased sources and never make the attempt to view a topic from the opposition's point of view. They rarely cite official sources for information that they base their opinions on. And they almost never offer any real solutions to issues that they bring up, unless it involves limiting someone's personal freedom in lieu of someone else or confiscating wealth from someone who earned it only to redistribute it to someone who hasn't. Contrast this to most Conservative channels that usually present their arguments with some basis in fact and logical deduction as opposed to passionate feelings. Many will also cite official sources and studies as well as provide links for them so the viewer can review if they feel the need to.