Monday, May 06, 2019

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Leftist Students Destroy "Build The Wall" Display On Campus

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I'm a grandmother and would LOVE to sit down and talk some sense into these leftist students. It is just so depressing to think that people are like this. I was never even into politics up until about a year ago. Even though I'm a college graduate and worked as a newspaper reporter for years! But I didn't know the difference between a liberal and a conservative, nor do I care. I voted AGAINST Trump, only because of the pussy remark (which I misunderstood as do many people). I knew nothing of what Trump stood for, and didn't care. I was shocked when he won. Then about a year later I was researching England and came across Muslim grooming rape gangs and Tommy Robinson, who has been reporting on these gangs. I was just shocked. They never talked about this in the US and I thought it had to be "fake news". But it was real! From there I was led to Lauren Southern and all these conservative channels. I would listen, and people made so much sense to me. But then I'd be shocked when I learned they supported Trump. But I kept listening, and slowly but surely I woke up. It took watching thousands of videos, but I know understand why we need to support Trump and the wall! I understand tons of other stuff as well! I could NEVER be a liberal or a Democrat! NEVER! I just want so much to sit down and talk to these students and help them understand.