Saturday, November 24, 2018

Is Clinton's stance on immigration in Europe hypocritical?

Hillary Clinton Admits that Globalism is Losing, Warns Europe on Migration

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Trump Blocked by Courts Again on Immigration Move

Proud Boys Defamed by Activist FBI | Gavin Quits

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I tell ya, after all this I'm starting a "Proud Grandma's" group! I never even THOUGHT about all this before discovering all these videos this past year. And I believed the  mainstream news media. I never heard of Antifa, they never talk about it on the evening news in Chicago that we watch. All we here about are the  murders in Chicago and how racist the white policemen are. Also, Vince, run for president.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

How The UN Migration Pact Fell Apart

Nielsen holds briefing on the caravan at US border



Elena asks:

"If its weed is so wrong, why are so many states legalizing it? Your living in a fantasy. People will continue to do what they want. Where there's a demand theres always going to be a supply."

ARGGHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! Your comment illustrates my point EXACTLY about why pot should be illegal! I have said over and over how we will NEVER get people to understand why it's immoral and immature to use drugs, as long as they keep LEGALIZING it! Can't you see my point? You honestly think it's okay to get high on POT, because it's legal! You can't even see why it's immoral and immature to use drugs! Oh this makes me furious. I have ranted against mind-altering drugs like pot and alcohol for 20 years online, typing my fingers to the bone! Haven't you read a thing I have written?? And it makes me FURIOUS that you guys tell me that "People will continue to do what they want." I KNOW THAT! I have explained over and over that I can't MAKE anyone not smoke pot or not drink alcohol! I don't even know you guys! All I do is react to what you type on the Internet for all to see. And we are all here to make decisions in life, to exercise our free agency, to learn and grow spiritually. That's what life is all about! Which is why I ask people, "Do you REALLY think it's a wise decision to light up a joint, smoke it and get high? Aren't you better than that?" I try to get people to THINK, to realize there is a better way to live! Using drugs to have "fun" is not what TRUE fun is! That's what makes it immoral, and just plain immature! And again, we will NEVER get people to understand this as long as they keep LEGALIZING pot!

Another violent AFRICAN crime the MSM is ignoring

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