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Tommy Robinson's wrongful Imprisonment by Great Britain's corrupt totali...

On a knife edge: The rise of violence on London's streets - BBC News

It's gotten worse! Just in the past couple months, there were lots of articles and videos about how the murder rate in London has surpassed that of NYC! It's insane!

‘No to Italy’s Mecca’: Town blocks mosque building, expels 100s of migrants

Charlie Kirk: The "White Privilege" Label Is Racist

Northerner terrifies Londoners by saying "Hello"


UK: Clashes in London as thousands demand Tommy Robinson’s release

Thousands march for Tommy Robinson’s release in central London. | Saturd...

I don't know anybody in real life who even knows who Tommy Robinson is!! PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND LEARN WHAT'S GOING ON IN ENGLAND, SWEDEN, GERMANY, ITALY, ETC.

Sweden's Mobilization : Lessons for Preppers!

Jacob Zuma sings the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns at AN...

South Africa's 'White Genocide' is a Mass-Migration Lesson to California

Detox Sense
2 weeks ago
I'm mixed race, but my community doesn't accept me because of how pale my skin is. I stand by America and my government. Once you lose the mob mentality of being an oppressed minority, conservative values make sense.


2 weeks ago
The left won't stop until 1st world nations are a thing of the past and whites become extinct as a race. Words don't reach them anymore.


2 weeks ago
Looks like its time to take the world back


Cyber Blast
2 weeks ago
These racist nigroids are gonna get themselves killed.


craig northey
2 weeks ago
S Africa is a fine example of black racism and the lengths they will go. Scary shizz.


Levett Prins
2 weeks ago
White conservatives across the world are uniting which makes liberals very nervous


Milagros B.
2 weeks ago (edited)
democrats should stay and suffer the devastating effect of their policies, fix their own problem, they run like cowards but never accept their own fault , just like the illegal inmigrats, they run away of the mosters they themself have created, and still support the same monster and ruin the new places they live , their next generations will suffer the same fate, they are crazy, like Einstein said.


Greg Woolsey
2 weeks ago
Texas needs to build a wall. California is passing stupid sanctuary laws while Californians are running to Texas


kc Cox
2 weeks ago
Stop California's racist immigrants and supporting socialist/ communist politicians. 💘 from San Diego. MAGA!!!


patrick borrelli
2 weeks ago
We COULD help...right now. Have a refugee program to help the white south Africans before the race war begins


fmj 556
2 weeks ago
The entire Hispanic community has a large amount of European DNA but they don’t identify as such. I wonder why?


Mr T
2 weeks ago
I have spoken to two Zulu who worked in RSA during apartheid and both said it was a good system that protected everybody, both had a deep hatred of the Bantu invaders that are destroying RSA now. The simple fact is that tribal politics rule in Africa and some tribes have such low IQ that they struggle to survive on their own but like parasites everywhere will infect another culture and leech off it eventually destroying it. Bantu are a good example.


old soul
2 weeks ago (edited)
THEIR jealous if whites ability to create wealth and angry at their inability to do the same so they're going to steal it using racisism and violence


Free Tommy Robinson Event ,london 9th June

Friday, June 08, 2018

Modesty of Lauren Southern And Brittany Pettibone

1 second ago
I'm a convert to the Mormon church; I joined when I was in my mid-20's, almost 40 years ago. I speak up about modesty now, but back before I was a Mormon, I used to dress in shorts, crop tops, etc. I was a skinny little thing, and didn't think anything of dressing this way! If it was hot outside, I wore shorts and skimpy tops! And there were many times I wore short skirts as well. I knew nothing about the Mormon church and I just dressed the way everyone else did. And again, I was so tiny and skinny, I didn't think anything of it and I don't think I looked "slutty" or anything like that. I attracted NICE guys as boyfriends (and eventually married one!). But I understand your point about how Brittany dresses pretty nicely, whereas Lauren has a different style. I have heard Lauren use a few bad words, too, and I have spoken up about that. Swearing is one of my pet peeves and I rant about that any time I hear or see it online! Anyway, we also must remember that Lauren is probably just a little more "rough around the edges" and she is also still VERY YOUNG, only in her early 20's. Give her time and maybe she will change a bit. Again, when I was her age I still was not Mormon and I dressed the way she did!

Tommy Robinson ,15 year old girl is spot on about tommy robinson

I just came from some "college girls" videos where these young ladies were talking about college and studying abroad, and how they loved their semester in London, and there are all these comments saying, "Oh you are so lucky! I would love to go to London someday!" blah blah blah. I couldn't believe it! They are SO CLUELESS. I'm sure none of them have even heard of Tommy Robinson or the Muslim grooming gangs or the 120db movement or the Nazi pug or Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern and Martin Sellner being banned from the UK, or how the murder rate in London has surpassed that of NYC. I posted several rants on some of those videos about what's going on in the UK and Europe in general with the mass immigration and crime and rape, and I'm sure I'll be called a racist. It's so frustrating.

London Favorites + MEETUP INFO! | Scarlett Rose Turner

1 second ago
Oh my gosh, do you realize what London is like now?? The crime and rape rate has skyrocketed due to the mass immigration! Have you heard of the Muslim grooming rape gangs that have been going on for years? The police and child protection services didn't do anything about it for fear of being called "racist"! Even though Islam is not a race. And they will arrest you for posting "offensive" social media posts! it's crazy! If you post things where you say you disagree with mass immigration and letting tons of Muslims and black Africans into the country, you can be arrested! Have you heard of Tommy Robinson? He is in prison for reporting on the Muslim grooming gangs. Social activists Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner have been BANNED from the UK for speaking up against the mass immigration. The murder rate in London has now surpassed that of NYC, due to the Muslim immigration. They have opened the borders and let in TONS of Muslims from countries where if you are't wearing a burka, you are fair game, "easy meat" to these monsters. The rape epidemic is out of control, not only in England but most of Europe, especially Sweden and Germany. Look up the 120db movement, the women who are speaking up about the migrant rape. The thing is, they  let these people in as "refugees" when they aren't refugees at all, they are ECONOMIC MIGRANTS, hoards and hoards of fighting age young men from countries Muslim countries, where the culture is NOT to assimilate. And they brag about the high birth rate among Muslims, how Islam will soon be the majority religion in Europe. And when it is, we will lose our rights! It is so scary. There is a huge movement going on to protect freedom of speech in Europe (and also Australia and other countries; a woman broadcaster is facing prison for speaking up against mass immigration in Australia, can you believe it?) It's insane. My husband and I visited London for the first time in 2016 and had a great time; this was before we knew about the mass immigration, freedom of speech issues, crime rate, etc. But we will NOT be going again, not after seeing all these YouTube videos and reading all the articles about what's going on in Europe! Also, is that your real name? If so, do you realize how unsafe it is to use it online? If you ever posted anywhere that we shouldn't smoke pot, drink alcohol or use profanity, the pot smokers and other bullies would easily be able to find you! I have received threats of death and bodily harm for YEARS online, just for posting in places that we shouldn't smoke pot, drink alcohol or use profanity! I would never use my real name, it is so unsafe!

To Tommy Robinson, a message from Lima - Peru

UK report: Gangs "more ruthless," "organised" than ever | Jack Buckby

Michael McIntyre mugged in multicultural London | Jack Buckby

This is so scary. I'm an American grandmother and my husband and I visited London for the first time in April 2016. We had a GREAT time! This was the trip of a lifetime for us; I had never been out of the country and had wanted to visit England for as long as I could remember. We stayed in the mostly touristy parts and had no clue about the high crime rate or mass immigration problem. Before we left, I told my husband I couldn't wait to go back again! BUT NOT NOW. I have discovered all these YouTube videos about the mass immigration, Muslim grooming rape gangs, and I've learned about Tommy Robinson, and how they arrest people for posting things on social media, and how they ban people like Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone from the country, etc. THIS IS INSANE. I cannot believe Europe is becoming like this, and unless they DEPORT MUSLIMS, it will only get worse, because Islam will be the majority religion due to their much higher birth rate! And they BRAG about this! And there are videos of Muslim preachers speaking to large groups of Muslim men and they all agree there is nothing wrong with STONING adulterers, and MURDERING homosexuals, and marrying 9-year-old children! And they all claim to be normal, everyday Muslims, not the radical ones! How scary is that?? We all need to SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS. And the frustrating part of this is that I try to tell my family and friends about all this and they don't believe me, call me racist or just don't care. We don't get any of this on the news here in the US, and people believe the guidebooks, and I know people who have dreams of visiting Europe someday. I try to tell them how it's changed and they just don't believe it. We all need to WAKE UP.


Paul Weston - Tommy Robinson & The Traitor Class

How We Are Going to Absolutely Smash ANTIFA

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Migrants Being Moved To Wealthy Paris Neighborhoods - Residents Edgy

Paul H
2 days ago
Hahaha let the rich deal with them Hahaha


Clive Wilson
2 days ago
cant fix the problem!!?? here a novel idea, stop them from coming in the first place!!! damn what is wrong with our leaders these days


Richard Hewit
2 days ago
Now you'll see things change.


The Gatekeeper
2 days ago
Males of fighting age seem to make up the vast majority of "migrants" shown in the video. Imagine the devastation that can result when they become bored or just demand more and riot. Let those wealthy areas have a taste of what can result from allowing so many  young foreign men into their country without having any real plan to integrate them into their society and culture.


Schindlers Fist
1 day ago
Enjoy that vibrant diversity


John Barraco
2 days ago
The struggle is real 💯 🇫🇷


Cat Walker
1 day ago
Statistically it's more than likely those people are pro-migrants and call everybody who isn't, racists, islamophobic, xenophobic, bigots etc.
But when it comes to their neighbourhood, their safety and their wellbeing  it's completely different of course. Not so pro migrant now.

Ha ha.


Claudie LeBeau
2 days ago
All fighting aged men. Must be there on a mission. Wonder what that is ... ?


Crusaders hu Akbar
1 day ago
they bring expertise in medicine, science,  technology even rocketry , one and all of them


Clive Wilson
1 day ago
+Crusaders hu Akbar you forgot their speciality!!! teaching how to rape women and kids!! girls and BOYS!! but hey they are only following their prophet so they get a free pass, its only a crime if your white!!!  fxking barstools!! grrrrr


Jan loves many
1 day ago
Crusaders hu Akbar lol sure!!

gavin Reid
1 day ago
Traitors avoiding defending their own countries.  Refugees creating more refugees.

Standing with Sonia Kruger and Tommy Robinson

#FreeTommy Rally in Toronto: “This is the free world’s fight”

UK media smears Tommy Robinson, as second week of protests hit UK streets

9 in 10 Crimes Go UNSOLVED in UK | Jack Buckby

Free Tommy Robinson rally in Yorkshire Northern England.

How To Survive A Farm Attack In South Africa

Fireman of 22 years out of job for supporting Tommy Robinson