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Pot Legalization: Does Cindybin Work For a Pharmaceutical Company?

Elyk writes:

"Cindybin must work for a big pharmaceutical company and how legalizing weed will effect her bottom line"

ARGGHHH  Yet ANOTHER Internet pot smoker bringing up pharmaceutical drugs? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH RECREATIONAL POT SMOKING OR BOOZE DRINKING?? TELL ME! I am SO sick of you people trying to compare recreational pot smoking or booze drinking to MEDICINE! Nobody is against MEDICINE! Medicine is something people have to use to treat an illness or condition they don't want to have in the first place! You can't compare people smoking pot or drinking alcohol for "fun" to sick people needing pharmaceutical drugs! WHY DO YOU PEOPLE EVEN TRY TO COMPARE THIS?? Comments like yours are the entire reason I have to keep speaking up against pot year after year!



Radical Independsnt writes:

"my neighbors kid had dozens of seizures weekly. Before CBD. Now maybe twice a month. So take your reefer mania and go back in your ginger hole."

OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! yet ANOTHER Internet person telling me about little children and seizures?? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH RECREATIONAL DRUG USE?? How many times do I have to SAY this?? I have ranted against pot and alcohol for 20 years online, and the entire reason I have to keep speaking up against pot year after year is because you guys accuse me of thinking that pot is dangerous and deadly and believing in "Reefer Madness" and/or you tell me about the MEDICAL benefits as if I need to be taught that, and as if I am this mean, horrible person who wants little children with seizures to suffer and die! NOBODY IS AGAINST MEDICINE! Medicine is something people use to treat an illness or condition they don't want to have in the first place! If something like marijuana, or ANYTHING, truly helps a person with a true medical condition, then of course that would be a good thing! I'd use it myself if I had to! I have even been trying for YEARS to write an article on the benefits of medical marijuana, but I have yet to find one single decent TRUE medical user online to use as an example in my article! All the casual users rave about the medical benefits in order to justify getting high (usually while cussing me out, threatening me, making fun of me for collecting dolls, telling me to kill myself, etc.) and even the "medical" users, growers and supporters I've talked to and seen have been horrible. Even the "nice" ones don't get it and can't see why it's wrong and immature to get high on POT! If your neighbor's kid has had success with CBD, of course that is a good thing! But do you think this child's parents would want him or her to grow up and get high on POT recreationally? DO YOU? Of course not!! Oh this makes me so mad. I type my fingers to the bone for 20 years, explaining and explaining and you guys STILL say the same things over and over.

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Katie Hopkins Says “Swedes Are Desperate To Leave Sweden''

Cheech and Chong Prove Why Marijuana Should be ILLEGAL!

OH MY GOSH THIS IS CRAZY! Yahoo just ran a story by some jerkbrain named Nick Schager entitled "Cheech and Chong on how 'Up in Smoke' paved the way for marijuana legalization". The whole article makes it sound like smoking pot and making "weed" legal is a GOOD THING! What is wrong with these people??

Nick writes that "in the 40 years since the debut of Up in Smoke, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong’s seminal 1978 stoner comedy, cultural attitudes have drastically shifted on marijuana."

SINCE WHEN? What parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and get high on POT? Most parents try to teach their kids morals, values and common sense to know that using drugs is wrong!

And then this jerk quotes Cheech, who says:

“It’s totally responsible for it. We’re ready for our royalties,” proclaimed Cheech, who joined his partner in (fictional) crime in a visit to Yahoo Entertainment (see video above). Moreover, Cheech claims that he became a true believer after he discovered that marijuana soothed his nausea more effectively than any prescription remedy. And now that 29 states have legalized marijuana for medical and/or recreation use, he argues: “We’ve passed the tipping point. The boulder’s rolling downhill now.” Chong agrees, saying that our current anti-marijuana U.S. attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is “the best reason in the world that it should be legal.”

AARGGHHH Do we really want to legalize a mind-altering drug for people like this?? And all the other immoral, immature pot smokers who post online and make ridiculous "weed videos"? DO WE REALLY? All this shows why pot should be ILLEGAL FOREVER, with very stiff penalties!

Can we mock Islam?: Roshan Muhammed Salih v Melanie Philips

I'm a convert to the Mormon church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and people attack and ridicule and mock my religion ALL THE TIME! There are tons of videos and websites and books dedicated to attacking Mormons, there is that hit broadway musical "The Book of Mormon", there are shows like "SouthPark" that make fun of the LDS church, the list goes on and on. But you don't see any Mormons murdering people or throwing acid in people's faces, etc. It is CRAZY that we can't say anything against Islam.

Britain’s Islamist mess

"Whilst Muslims are the minority, there is much talk about minority rights. When Muslims are the majority, there are no rights."    Winston Churchill.

Safe Space for Patriots / Chat with patriots from around the world

This Is Why We Need To Ban The Burqa

Why Triggered Muslims Are Outraged This Time

Friday, May 04, 2018

Silencing The Right | Whole Websites Taken Down, Pages and Twitter Accou...


Joe writes:

"Heavenly Father spoke to me. I put on my magic underwear and fasted in an hyperbolic chamber for a few days. He appeared before my surrounded by golden light. He told me to spread the holy gospel about weed. He said everybody should try it just once. He repeated that god does not make mistakes. Pot was one of his greatest creations. Don’t blaspheme. Smoke weed for Heavenly Father."

AARGHHH I have said over and over that just because God "created marijuana" doesn't mean He wants us to light up a joint, smoke it and get high! Can't you see that? And if you guys are all so dang religious, you of ALL people should know not to smoke pot. A religion is supposed to teach people to AVOID using drugs, not encourage them to get high or buzzed! I never smoked pot even BEFORE I had religious beliefs! And then in my 20's I joined the Mormon church where we have revelation from God about how using mind-altering drugs like pot and alcohol to have "fun" is not what TRUE fun is. That's what makes it immoral. The LDS church is the true church. And I have explained over and over about the "magic underwear." It is just a reminder of our covenants with the Lord. You know how in other mainstream Christian churches the clergy wear special robes and collars to signify who they are? Well in the Mormon church we don't have a paid clergy. The bishop of each congregation could be a dentist or your local car mechanic. Same with all the Sunday School teachers and other people who have "callings" within each congregation. So since there is no paid clergy, faithful Mormons wear their garments on the inside, rather than the outside like mainstream church leaders. It is just to help us remember our covenants with our Father in Heaven, a remind of who we are.

FRIENDS Rachel's Eye Phobia (Funny ending to the show!)

I saw this episode last night and thought it was so funny, especially the part at the end where they all tackle Rachel to put the dreaded eye drops in. I can relate!

What Happened In South Africa Yesterday Horrifies Me

Thursday, May 03, 2018


Lindsey says:

"Do you get just as furious at people who drink alcohol for recreation as you do at people who smoke marijuana? I'm guessing not. Why the hypocrisy? I smoke cannabis daily. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I own 2 businesses. I run both of my businesses 100% by myself, as well as make all of the products I sell though my businesses. I work 9-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, and during my time off I go hiking, biking, and skiing. I am FAR from lazy. Marijuana stimulates my creativity, gets me going when I need a boost, and is a wonderful way to wind down after a long day of work. Just because you were a lazy teenager when you smoked doesn't make it true for everyone else. Also, non of my "stoner" friends are lazy or expect something for nothing. We all have good jobs, pay our taxes, are contributing members of our communities, and are social, fun people, so please stop judging us based on our choice of recreational enjoyment. I doubt you would say the same thing about people who drink every day."

AARGGHHH Have you not read a thing I've written over the years? I have ranted against alcohol for YEARS online, even more than pot! Booze smokers are always cussing me out and attacking me! Just like the pot smokers! This shows why we all need to speak up even MORE against pot! Oh this is just SO INFURIATING. I type my fingers to the bone for 20 years online, writing thousands of comments, tons of blogs, even a BOOK about why we shouldn't smoke pot OR drink alcohol, and you guys still say the same things over and over and over! IT IS JUST MADDENING! How can you not see my point about why we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs? HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS??

And now you tell me that you are a mechanical engineer and you smoke pot? And that all your "stoner friends" are good people and pay their taxes? I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! I have said over and over for 20 years online that one of the main reasons I have been forced to keep speaking up against pot year after year is because you people always accuse me of thinking that pot is dangerous and deadly and ruins your life and that if you smoke pot you are a stupid, lazy bum! NOBODY THINKS THAT! I never say that! For the billionth time, doesn't it even OCCUR to you that I am against pot because it's a mind-altering drug?? Can't you see why it's immoral and just plain immature to use mind-altering drugs recreationally? I say the same things about alcohol! If someone online told me they had a few sips of wine at a wedding, I would feel the same way! Have't you read a thing I've written? And the fact that you have a good job and pay your taxes and are "social, fun people" makes it WORSE that you would smoke pot and have this kind of attitude! Because you of ALL people should know better! You set a terrible example and go against everything that most parents try to teach their kids about drugs and life!

Comments like yours are the entire reason I have to keep speaking up against pot year after year! You just don't get it! And I have never smoked pot! I've never even SEEN marijuana! Nobody ever offered me pot or talked about it to me or anything! And I was a teen in the 70s! Same for  my husband! And we sure don't know anybody NOW who smokes pot, approves of it or knows where to find it! It's ILLEGAL! Even if pot were legal, what parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and get high on POT? At any age?? What a thing to do! And I know many of these same parents think nothing of using a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol, but they are hypocrites!

Married Couple Leave Established Life in Suburbia for a Life on the Road...

I love these van videos and "tiny house" videos, but the thing is, if there were ever a disaster or some emergency or situation where you couldn't get food, you would be in trouble. People think that the grocery stores will always be there, but that is not necessarily true. I watch all the "prepper" videos and I know how important it is to have at LEAST a year's supply of food and water, which you could never have living like this. But it still looks fun and I'd love to have a tiny house, van or camper.


Horton writes:

God made marijuana. We have special receptors in our brain that utilize cannabinoid for brain health. Marijuana is grown from the dirt and smoked. It is not like other drugs. Why do you claim immorality for someone that uses it for relaxation and as medicine. We are not all created equal and some people have ailments that mj benefits. Why would you wish someone going through life suffering when medicine is readily available. I have PTSD and have been using for 20 years. I am a software engineer and take care of my family. How dare you impose your shallow beliefs on others.

Matthew 7:5 "You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brothers eye."

AARGGHHH! Yet ANOTHER Internet person telling me about how God made marijuana? THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE WANTS US TO LIGHT UP A JOINT, SMOKE IT AND GET HIGH! Can't you see that?? Yes there may be medical benefits, but it doesn't mean we should get high on pot! And if you guys are all so religious, talking about God and quoting scripture, then you of ALL people should know not to smoke pot! A religion is supposed to teach people to AVOID using mind-altering drugs recreationally, not encourage them to light up a joint, smoke it and get stoned! Otherwise, what is a religion FOR? Heck, I wasn't even religious in high school or college and I sure never smoked POT! Nobody ever even offered it to me! And then in my 20's I joined the Mormon church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are taught why it's wrong to use mind-altering drugs. Using drugs to have "fun" is not what TRUE fun is! That is what makes it immoral! The LDS church is the true church, restored on the Earth in the latter days by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It has the fullness of the gospel and the Book of Mormon and other latter day revelation. I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and study, ponder and pray and ask God if it is true. It will change your life! But again, you shouldn't even have to be Mormon or religious to know not to smoke pot or drink alcohol. It's just common sense! My whole point is that a grown adult should be WELL PAST the age where they'd want to use a mind-altering drug to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", celebrate, socialize, etc. People need to grow up and set an example! And then you bring up MEDICINE?? MEDICINE? For the billionth time, NOBODY IS AGAINST MEDICINE! That is a totally different issue! But I have yet to find one single decent TRUE medical user online. They are all like you, and can't even see why we shouldn't use things like pot recreationally! And you guys always tell me about how you smoke pot for things like PTSD or depression. I have said over and over that getting high on POT is not the answer! We need to have morals and values and not use mind-altering drugs for these reasons! Using it for something like pain is another matter, AS LONG AS YOU KNOW THAT IT'S WRONG TO USE IT FOR "FUN". But you guys don't even understand that!


Common Sense Texan writes:

"I knew someone like Cindybin once. She was Mormon. Not that there's anything wrong with being Morman, I'm just stating a fact. They are very passionate about no drugs or alcohol or anything fun."

Oh for heaven's sake! I have said over and over that I never smoked pot even BEFORE I joined the Mormon church! Nobody ever offered me pot or talked about it to me or anything! And I was a teen in the 70s! Same for my husband! And we sure don't know anybody NOW who smokes pot, approves of it or knows were to find it! It's illegal! Even if pot were legal, what parent would ever approve of their kids growing up to get high on marijuana? What a thing to do! And then you say that Mormons are against "anything fun." OH BROTHER. Again, THIS is why I have to keep speaking up against pot and alcohol year after year. You guys honestly think that just because I say we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally, that I am against FUN. As I've said a billion times, using drugs to have "fun" is not what TRUE fun is! Can't you see that? Are you guys that immoral and empty and immature?? Grow up and get some morals!

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Kane County Doll Show/Chicago Toy Show: Haul/Loot (April 2018)

Why We Need Exclusivity



stephen mallinson
4 months ago
I know slavery is wrong but if it wasn't for the fact their ancestors were slaves non of these dum idiots wouldn't even be alive They will never understand that whites were enslaved too long before sub Saharan Africans were enslaved by whites I could go on but end of day whites were the first to ban slavery People of colour be it brown or black still enslave others We get blame for that too

Gangs Of Muslim Youth Roam The Streets With Rifles Bombing Police Statio...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sweden and Migrants, Minor city completly taken over by agressive migrants

Ex-South Africans marching in support of farmers back home.

THIS CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE: I realized I was lied to


Antifa try to shut down '120db movement' talk at Speakers' Corner

"Ex Muslim Warns Europe USA Australia For Something BIG" "BAN ISLAM NOW"

Come to Malmoe, Sweden, and see what the New World will look like

Katie Hopkins asks Toronto Muslims about Islam


Ugh, those guys are TERRIBLE! He can't even see why Sharia Law is bad! There is NO WAY we should EVER want anything like Sharia Law, ANYWHERE! It shouldn't even exist! I can't believe we live in a world like this, where people would even CONSIDER such a thing! Videos like this only prove why we all need to speak up against Islam even MORE! I never even thought about Islam before I started watching all these videos about the mass immigration problem and rapes and violence due to that. I didn't know what Islam was, even. But BOY have my eyes been opened!

Wayne McLaughlin

So let me get this straight? They are having an Islamic week and they are talking to people in downtown Toronto about Islam. But when a person has a negative view about Islam like Katie Hopkins for example the Muslim's get all defenseless about it. Do they want people to know about Islam or not? Are they the ones yelling at Katie showing us that Islam is a religion of peace? The only calm ones I saw there was that one Muslim guy holding the sign and the Muslim woman holding the Tupperware container of cookies 🍪 and the guy standing beside her. To me they have shown what it means to be polite in Canada. Those other hostile Muslim men has shown me how rude and disrespectful there are towards an older person. I was brought up in a time and era where you respected your elders regardless of their race or gender or their religious beliefs. Those types of Muslim men are the types who would hassle people and probably attack people if they say anything negative about Mohammed or Islam. You would never seen a Christian go on a rampage because someone called Jesus a faggot or a child molester, but say that about Mohammed and all hell breaks loose. Katie Hopkins says she hasn't a problem with the Muslims just the Religion of Islam they followed and the same goes for me too. People can say what ever they want about Christianity and I wouldn't care, because I am not a cry baby. I only have to answer to God and not them. Jesus will sort them out in due time, including these disrespectful Muslim men who acted like children around Katie Hopkins. Peace and love be with you Katie Hopkins, keep up the good work too! And God bless you too! ❤😊👍💒

Pro-Katie Hopkins billboard truck hits UK streets!

Wow, I have received threats of death and bodily harm for YEARS online! Just for posting in places that we shouldn't smoke pot, drink alcohol or use profanity! This has happened long before I knew anything about the mass immigration problems, etc. Just think if I had started ranting about THAT! I would have received even more threats! But pot smokers and other bullies are always threatening me! They tell me they're going to hunt me down and kill me, torture me and my family, brutally rape me, etc. They describe the instruments they're going to use to do this. They have revealed my personal information and posted it all over. Yet I sure don't get any press coverage or billboard trucks defending me! And I have said over and over about how all this abuse proves why we all need to speak up against pot, alcohol and profanity even MORE, because it shows what these people are like! Especially the pot smokers! They are the WORST when it comes to the threats.

5 Signs You Work With Cats

Waterloo Sunset: an air that kills

This is so depressing! I'm an American grandmother and my husband and I visited London for the first time in 2016 and had a great time. We didn't know about the mass immigration problem. When we left London, I couldn't wait to go back someday! But since then, I have watched all these videos and I know that there have been thousands more migrants entering Europe, and it makes me afraid to ever go back! Especially when you see the videos about all the rape, such as the 120db movement videos. And then there is the whole free speech issue, where they ARREST PEOPLE for making "offensive" posts online? That is INSANE! And they ban people like Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern?? It's just crazy. We all need to speak up about this. AND they need to deport Muslims!! There is NO PLACE for Sharia Law. And they don't want to integrate! And they think that a child of 9 is ready for marriage? There are Muslims SAYING this on video!!