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MORMONISM IS A CULT! Do I Even Use My Brain?

A lovely gentleman named brnt034 writes:

"Mormonism is a CULT and Joseph Smith was a womanizing lying piece of shit charlatan.  Only a gullible fool would believe his dumbass story about finding gold tablets!! DO YOU EVEN USE YOUR BRAIN?  Let's hear about that planet you will be inhabiting in heaven!!!"


Oh gee, thanks for educating me. Nobody ever told me this before. Now I see how WRONG I have been all these years. AARGGHH Seriously, you must be the 200th Internet person this WEEK to tell me all this stuff about Mormonism! And I read it all 36 years ago in the anti-Mormon books I found when I was first trying to learn about the Church! I am so sick of this! Don't you WANT to know that there is a true church out there? And if you were Mormon, you would not be using the sh-word and the a-word like you do! It changes your life so that you know that using profanity is wrong!

And you guys always bring up about us "inhabiting planets". I am so sick of this! That is not what the Mormon church is about at all! You all think that we sit around in our meetings and dream about ruling our own planet someday. Oh brother. Listen up. I am not stupid. I am a college graduate. I would not blindly join some wacky cult that has weird beliefs the way you guys make it all out to be. You take things out of context and twist and distort things to make Mormons sound like CRAZY NUTJOBS. I am so sick of this.

And I have explained over and over about this "planet" thing. And there are videos about this online by Mormons who explain it all. Go to the channel "3 Mormons", where there are tons of videos that explain things. Another good LDS channel for nonmembers is "What Mormons Believe." And I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and study, ponder and pray and ask God if it is true. That's the only way to know. It will change your life. It has the fullness of the gospel and the correct doctrines. We have the Book of Mormon and other latter day revelation that helps shed light on the Bible and make sense of it all!

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Tree Shelter Tree Kitchen

Tree Shelter Tree Kitchen

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Brittany Pettibone & Martin Sellner GULAGED in the UK for Planning to In...

BREAKING: Brittany Pettibone ARRESTED & BANNED from UK | Martin Sellner ...



So Cindybin, do you ever read the Bible? Genesis 9:3 English Standard Version (ESV)

3 Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.


Aaargghhh Yet ANOTHER Internet person quoting the Bible, as if THAT makes it okay to get high? If you guys are so dang religious, you of ALL people should know not to use drugs! A religion is supposed to teach people to AVOID using mind-altering drugs recreationally, not encourage them to light up a joint, smoke it and get high, or to sip "fine wine" or have a beer with the guys or a margarita! Otherwise, what is a religion FOR? Heck, I wasn't even religious in high school or college and I sure never smoked POT! Nobody ever even offered it to me! And then I joined the Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, where we have revelation from God about why it's wrong to use mind-altering drugs recreationally! Using drugs to have "fun" is not what TRUE fun is! That's what makes it immoral! The LDS church is the true church, restored on the Earth in the latter days by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It has the fullness of the gospel and the correct doctrines. Just because God put marijuana on the Earth doesn't mean He wants us to get HIGH on it! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT? And you shouldn't even have to be Mormon or religious to understand this. It's just common sense! How old are you? Where are your parents? Oh I am SO SICK of typing the same things over and over for 20 years. 

The Nightmare of Mass Immigration


Blogger Kilian Fitzgerald said...
Ha ha ha! Yes! Pot is much safer than tobacco and rational people (not pious freaks) aren't worried about it's "mind altering" "evils" if they're being responsible. If you wrote this same "blog"on a bathroom wall with human shit, I bet it would affect more people than the state of shit it is right now. Go play with your dollies and fuck off.

Blogger Cindybin said...
AARGGHHH YOU STILL DON'T GET IT! I have said over and over that the entire reason I have to KEEP speaking up against pot year after year is because you guys always tell me that "pot is safer than cigarettes"! I KNOW THAT! Everybody knows how dangerous and deadly cigarettes are! I have ranted against cigarettes for years online! Haven't you read a thing I've written?? Of course nobody should smoke cigarettes! BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT TO SMOKE POT! Again, the main reason I have to keep speaking up against pot year after year is because you guys accuse me of thinking that marijuana is deadly and dangerous like cigarettes! NOBODY THINKS THAT! Doesn't it even OCCUR to you that we are against pot because it's a mind-altering drug?? Are you that dense? So immoral and immature, that you can't even see why it's wrong to use drugs to have "fun"?? Again, OF COURSE POT IS SAFER THAN CIGARETTES! And alcohol! But that doesn't make it right to get high on pot! And it doesn't mean YOU have to! Aren't you better than that? And for the billionth time, a RESPONSIBLE person would not want to use a mind-altering drug in the first place! A RESPONSIBLE person would have morals and maturity and not have any desire to get high on POT or buzzed on alcohol! And it is TERRIBLE you use profanity and make fun of me for "playing with dolls"! Again, this is why I have to keep speaking up against pot year after year. I hope all the lawmakers and voters in the world read your comments, so they will realize why we all need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal forever. I never even THOUGHT about pot before we got the Internet and I started seeing people like you. I never smoked pot, I've never even SEEN marijuana. But BOY have you guys opened my eyes!