Thursday, April 20, 2017

Flirting at the Gym


"You should totally light up. Sit on a beach, smoke a bowl and watch a sunset. I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Nothing better."

This is from a mother of two, who claims to use marijuana for "medical" reasons, treating depression and anxiety. She sees nothing wrong with using marijuana recreationally, uses the age-old excuse that pot is "safer than alcohol and cigarettes", and says she has never been arrested because she is white and drives a mini-van. And when I tried to help her understand why we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally, she just didn't get it. I told her she can't be a TRUE medical user if she sees nothing wrong with using pot casually. She told me:

"It helps me, just as it helps other people. Panic attacks and depressive episodes are under control. That makes it okay."

But when I tried to help her understand that a TRUE medical user would agree with me that we shouldn't use drugs recreationally, all she said was:

"So your definition of a medical user is that they think 'recreational' use is wrong? Yeah, you won't find those people."

It is so depressing. I have been trying for YEARS to find a true medical user online, and have yet to find one. They are all alike. And even the "medical marijuana" companies are like this. They post things on their sites and Facebook pages proving that they think nothing is wrong with recreational drug use, and if you confront them about it they cuss you out and block you. How can we ever be in favor of medical marijuana if this is what "medical" users, supporters, growers and suppliers are like? We will all have to even be against MEDICAL marijuana, because obviously there are no TRUE medical users!! As this mother of two said, "you won't find those people."