Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ellen Dissects the Kid-Interrupted BBC Interview


Someone named Ian writes:

"I have never smoked pot and I don't plan to but what's bad about it,its not that addictive and you can't over dose on it,doctors even prescribe it,for stress or help glaucoma .I'm just wondering if you have looked at the flip side to your argument.I have to agree with you about alcohol but I'm still on the fence about pot,tbh pot is prob safer than drinking"

The number one excuse pot smokers give to justify their drug use is that "Pot is safer than alcohol." And they all tell me that "weed isn't addictive" and that "nobody has died from weed." As I've said a billion times, we shouldn't smoke pot OR drink alcohol. 

And nobody is against MEDICINE. Medicine is something people use to treat an illness or condition they don't want to have in the first place. But I have yet to find one single TRUE medical user online. And getting high on POT is not the way to deal with stress!

And it is illegal in most states! Kids can get into big trouble with the law if they get busted for trying pot out of peer pressure. It won't help to tell the judge that doctors prescribe it for stress or glaucoma.