Wednesday, October 04, 2017


A gentleman named "Greek God" writes:

cindybin bullshit listen up, marijuana NEVER has killed a person I am AGAINST ALL DRUGS however they give marijuana for ms and other medical conditions smoking and alcohol kills more people year in and year out marijuana has got many medical benefits including and being a powerful pain killer and other sorts. Now seriously do some research a simple headache tablet such as paracetamol etc has kills more people. Do research seriously you make your self sound more and more stupid with each damn comment. Its Illegal without a prescription and some country's and more now have legalised it. Its the simple system such as medicines that ruin the planet more doctors prescribe stuff we don't need thus needing more stuff to keep alive. Now seriously you either live in a hole or are mentally challenged NO offense yet again but you think you know everything but you know nothing and DON'T even bother challenging me I have a medical degree and you have nothing..

Cindybin: Greek God, thank you for telling me that marijuana has never killed a person. I have never heard this before; I was raised to think that marijuana is deadly and dangerous and I never checked the facts. Nobody ever told me that marijuana has never killed anyone. I just believed what I had heard as a kid. I also did not realize that marijuana has medical benefits and that alcohol is more dangerous. I thought that because alcohol is legal it must be safe and okay. You are the first person to educate me on this matter. And I also see your points about how pharmaceutical medicine can be dangerous. Nobody ever told me this before, either. That is great you have a medical degree! I see now that I can believe you. Thanks again for telling me this. I will put your comment on my blog to show the world.

Sigh....This is why we all need to speak up against pot even MORE!!! 

Next day the guy writes back--he actually BELIEVED my reply to him! He is just like all the others. Here's what he said:

cindybin perfectly fine, marijuana is a class b drug where I live which means possession is punishable, trust me I HATE drugs but I do an enormous amount of research there 2 main reasons why marijuana is illegal the VERY main reason is that it has such amazing effects that if it becomes legal many pharmaceutical companies will go bust, why would they prescribe injections for pain etc when someone can just use delta 9 and feel better! Thousands of companies will collapse! Besides now where I live I just picked up a leaflet for CBD which comes from the marijuana plant and its 100% legal kills pain etc has fantastic uses! The marijuana plant has 2 main chemicals THC (tetra hydro canabinoid) which gets you stoned mellow can cause weird effects. And CBD which actually counter acts the THC! But CBD is the one that helps u kill pain etc. Many drugs have been used for a lot of things and they have their place in the world. Drugs in research are fascinating and their uses are fantastic!!! Cocaine for instance and amphetamines are given to people with ADHD to help them concentrate such as me! Used in tiny doses are FANTASTIC!!! Methamphetamine also is brilliant in tiny doses and again is prescribed for ADHD as u can see from my picture I'm extremely healthy. Mk ultra to change people minds and destroy it they used LSD, scopolamine is used to get information from people, heroin is used to kill pain ALL LEGAL. you rightfully have grew up to understand drugs are bad and I rightfully agree HOWEVER in pharmaceutical doses ALL drugs have a place in our society if used approprietly! I don't know which country your from

Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) a tiny mild painkiller which you can pick up from ANY pharmacy from a few cents have killed MANY more people than many drugs out there. In simple facts and to sum it all up pharmaceutical companies are out to make money, and most importantly KNOWLEDGE IS KEY. Don't knock anything down we all going through shit but if you research and get knowledge you will be smarter and you will understand causes of everything out there. Don't just take my word for it google any drug that comes to your mind and you will see how great some are if used appropriately!


OH YOU HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PERSON, YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVED ME! YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVED ME, DIDN'T YOU! This is why I realize we all need to speak up even MORE against pot! I have said over and over that the entire reason I keep speaking up against pot year after year after year is because of comments like yours, people telling me that nobody has died from marijuana, that pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous, that marijuana has medical benefits, blah blah blah. HAVEN'T YOU READ A THING I HAVE WRITTEN?? I have said over and over how FURIOUS it makes me when you guys tell me that nobody has died from marijuana and all that stuff you told me! I KNOW THAT NOBODY HAS DIED FROM MARIJUANA! I KNOW THAT! I have said over and over that the reason I'm against pot is because it's a mind-altering drug! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT? Are you that immature and immoral that you can't understand why it's wrong and immature to use drugs recreationally??? I have said over and over that NOBODY IS AGAINST MEDICINE. If something like marijuana, or ANYTHING, truly helps a person with a true medical condition,then of course that would be a good thing! I would use it myself if I had to, if it worked and were legal for that! I have even been trying for YEARS to write an article on the BENEFITS OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA, but I have yet to find one single decent person to interview to use as an example in my article. All the casual users rave about the medical benefits in order to justify getting high, and even the "medical" users I've talked to and seen online have been horrible, cussing, threatening me, telling me that marijuana hasn't killed anybody, blah blah blah. HOW CAN I SUPPORT YOU AFTER WHAT YOU HAVE SAID TO ME?? HOW? Now I have to add your ridiculous comments to my HUGE folder filled with all the THOUSANDS of emails and comments I have received from "medical" users, supporters and growers that I have collected over the years. I plan to use all these comments in my upcoming blogs and videos to show why we all need to speak up even MORE about marijuana, to show the world what you people are like and why need to educate and help you! You JUST DON'T GET IT! YOU JUST DON'T GET IT! I am so sick of this! I have ranted about this for YEARS online, and the entire reason I have to keep speaking up is because of comments like yours!



GREEK GOD: cindybin I tried to be nice but clearly you're a fucking immature cunt I have clearly stated I HATE DRUGS but you're that much of a fucking immature cunt you haven't read anything I said! EVERYSINGLE DRUG IS MIND ALTERING you absolute fucking idiot, even water is mind altering air everything seriously go and fuck yourself I tried being nice but you responded by being a fucking immature cunt. So there fuck you and your shitty YouTube channel you sadistic pathetic child.


OH IT FIGURES! So even after ALL I SAID, you are still being mean, and cussing at me, etc. Just as I predicted. I wrote all this out on my blog and said that I would get a response like this from you, and sure enough I did. Instead of being a nice, decent, mature person and feeling ashamed and embarrassed at all the things you said, you just cuss me out and call me a "sadistic pathetic child", etc. WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND MY POINT? Can't you see that the whole reason I and others have to keep speaking up against pot is because you guys always accuse us of thinking that pot is dangerous and deadly and kills people? NOBODY THINKS THAT! Doesn't it even OCCUR to you that we are against pot because it's a mind-altering drug?? I say the same things about alcohol! Alcohol is a drug! Just because it's legal doesn't make it right! All I'm saying is we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally, that this is good morals and just plain common sense! We all already know about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs! What does that have to do with RECREATIONAL DRUG USE? Again, I'm just saying we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", enjoy life, celebrate, socialize, etc. This is good morals and just plain common sense! And I wrote about all this YEARS ago in my "book" that has been online for over 10 years, about how I do NOT think that marijuana kills people! I worked so hard on that book, and you haven't even read it! And then you bring up about how "every single drug is mind-altering". AARGGHHH! YOU STILL DON'T GET IT! Yes of course there are "mind-altering qualities" to drugs but that doesn't make it right to light up a joint, smoke it and get high! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?? ARE YOU THAT EMPTY INSIDE? You can't compare taking MEDICINE to smoking pot or drinking alcohol recreationally! THAT ISN'T THE SAME AT ALL! Yes of course people take MEDICINE to treat an illness or condition they don't want to have in the first place, not to get high, stoned, celebrate, socialize, have "fun", etc. THAT ISN'T THE SAME AT ALL! But you immature, immoral pot smokers just use every excuse in the book to justify your drug use. This is the entire reason I keep speaking up against pot year after year. WHY do you guys have to be such idiots? Why? Why do you have to tell me that every drug is mind-altering? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH RECREATIONAL DRUG USE? That isn't the same at all! and of course you just have to use all this profanity, even the c-word. I never even heard the c-word until I was in my 40s and we got the Internet, and I asked my husband who told me it's the worst, most offensive word you can use, yet YOU use it! And online for everyone to see, and you say it to ME, when I am trying to HELP you! I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT??


Anonymous said...

Why do continually post these copies that show how wrong and stupid you are?

Cindybin said...

How am I "wrong and stupid"? HOW? So you are saying it's okay to get high on POT? How old are you? Where are your parents? Do they know you are like this?