Thursday, September 01, 2016



Ravi D: 

Cindy, life is no fun without mind altering drugs and what people do in their own home is none of your or my bussiness. People cook crack in their homes can I stop them? No! Do I find them and tell them not to do it or something? Cindy id LOVE for you to go to the worst hood in Compton or Chicago where you live.....and tell someone selling crack cocaine not to do it. Id love to see that.You'd knock on the door of a crack house and start preaching. Well, you'd get about 2mins in before that person shut the door in ur face or stabbed you and put you in a shallow grave somewhere. People sell illegal drugs as a JOB and probably make more money than whatever you get from disability so why dont you shut the fuck up and quit talking before someone hurts you. Hopefully someone finds your address and burns all those creepy dolls and makes you act like an actual adult instead of a whiny little baby who plays the victim in order for people to feel sorry for her. LOL well we dont. Cindy, you got butt fucked as a child probably by your uncle or the creepy man at the park. GET OVER IT WE DONT CARE. Get some pills and some therapy and grow up! Whatsmore you are ugly and no one feels bad for you people would probably murder you(I wouldnt) no joke hope you have ADT or something. I would of jumped by now if I were you. Found a really tall my favorite dolly and jumped. Thats your other best bet.