Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My London Girl Dolls: Cuties From England!

Hi all, we are back in the USA from a recent trip to England, and I just wanted to show you the My London Girl doll I bought as a souvenir! She is the cutest thing--her name is Sarah, and she has long blonde hair and green eyes, with a darling London-themed outfit. She joins her sister Kate, another My London Girl I bought used from eBay last year.

As you can see, these dolls are very similar to American Girl. They are 18" tall with a cloth body and vinyl limbs. One major difference is that their eyes do not open or close like AG dolls. AG dolls also are wigged, whereas My London Girl dolls have rooted hair.

My London Girl is the UK's first stand-alone doll boutique, located in Westfield Shopping Center. It also sells matching outfits for girls and dolls, along with accessories for girls and dolls. The store also hosts special doll hairdressing and nail painting events. Each doll costs 79 pounds (comparable to American Girl in US dollars), and all clothes and shoes will fit American Girl as well.

In addition to Sarah, I bought a pink poodle outfit and a pink purse. The purse unzips and the pockets have working snaps. So cute! The dolls come in a nice box, and each girl has a card with her picture and facts about her on the back.

As for quality, I would have to say that I think American Girl is slightly better, but that's my opinion. My London Girl dolls are beautiful, well-made dolls and I think they're worth the money. If you are ever in London, be sure to stop by!

For more information, visit www.mylondongirl.co.uk.