Saturday, March 19, 2016

Video Pick of the Week: Richard Dawson On Family Feud Has Laughing Fit!

Here's a funny clip of game show host Richard Dawson of Family Feud having an uncontrollable laughing fit at a contestant's answer regarding pregnancy. He has such a hard time controlling himself that he finally abandons the buzzer and just does his best to get through the rest of the questions!

Monday, March 14, 2016



Jack O:

Cindy Answer these questions. PLEASE
1.)When Did it become illegal?
2.)Where else did it THEN become illegal?

3.)HOW did it become illegal?
4.)Why do we call it "marijuana" and not cannabis?
5.)Is making a law to destroy and oppress millions of individuals, and to create an un-challenged monopoly MORALLY CORRECT to you?? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT MARIJUANA PROHIBITION IS!!!!! WAKE!!! THE FUCK!!!! UP!!!


 AAARGGHHHHH For the billionth time, it does not matter WHEN or WHY pot became illegal! What matters is that it is illegal NOW! That's all that matters when you are standing in front of a stern, harsh judge who doesn't know you from Adam and treats you like a common criminal (which you ARE if you broke the law and use marijuana!). It won't help to tell the judge why and when marijuana became illegal, and why we call it cannabis, blah blah blah. Where I live, the judge would laugh in your face and throw you in jail for making excuses for breaking the law! Kids need to realize this!

And can't you see that comments like yours and people like you prove that pot SHOULD be illegal forever, with VERY STIFF PENALTIES? Do we really want people like you (and all the other pot smokers on the Internet) walking around actually USING a mind-altering drug? HECK NO! Look at you! Instead of being a nice, decent, mature guy and taking a stand AGAINST drugs, you keep focusing on the law, you ask me ridiculous questions about how pot became illegal, you blame the LAW for the drug war rather than YOURSELF and all the other pot smokers, and you even use profanity! You just type the f-word like it's nothing! How crude and offensive!

What type of young lady is going to want to date or marry a guy who smokes pot and uses profanity? Don't you want to marry a NICE woman? Someone who will be a good mother to your children someday? Aren't you worth that?? THINK OF YOUR FUTURE! You shouldn't even be THINKING about such things as using mind-altering drugs to get high and stoned! I sure never did! I've never even SEEN marijuana! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016


So, after this guy tells me that "weed is the cure for the nation" and accuses me of being "brainwashed as f*ck", he tells me the following, which I have heard a billion times from pot smokers online (WARNING, STRONG LANGUAGE):


fucking cunt light up a joint wtf u cant judge what u dont know and u said u never tried it so why the fuck would u hate it so much


 OH YOU PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE! I have said over and over that you don't have to have tried pot to know that people use it to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. Pot smokers ADMIT this to us all the time online, and we BELIEVE them when they tell us why they smoke pot and how it affects them! And that is why we are against it! That is what makes it wrong! Can't you see that? Are you guys that EMPTY inside, so immoral and immature, that you can't even understand why we shouldn't use drugs recreationally??? GROW UP! SET AN EXAMPLE!

And it is TERRIBLE you use profanity! How crude and offensive! I have ranted about that for years online, too! What type of young lady is going to want to date or marry a guy who smokes pot and swears?? Don't you guys want to marry a NICE young lady? Someone who will be a good mother to your children someday? Aren't you worth that? THINK OF YOUR FUTURE!

Oh you guys drive me nuts. I mean it, I never even THOUGHT about pot before all this. I never smoked pot, I've never even SEEN marijuana. Nobody has ever offered it to me or anything! It is ILLEGAL! Where would I even FIND marijuana? And it is against my religion! I'm a convert to the Mormon church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we have revelation from God saying that it is wrong to use mind-altering drugs like alcohol and marijuana recreationally. That is not what TRUE fun is! The LDS church is the true church, restored on the Earth in the latter days by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It helps us learn and grow spiritually, which is needed in this life!

But I never smoked pot even BEFORE I had religious beliefs! And I sure don't know anybody NOW who smokes pot, approves of it or knows where to find it! It is ILLEGAL! Even if it were legal, what parent would EVER raise their kids to grow up and get high on marijuana?? At any age? And I know many of these same parents think nothing of using a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol, but they are hypocrites. A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren't breaking the law!

Geez, how many times do I have to say this?? I have ranted about this for 15 years online! When will you all ever learn???

It's not that I "hate pot"! It's just that we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. This is good morals and just plain common sense! I say the same things about alcohol! Can't you understand my point?? And if I ever tried pot, I'm sure I WOULD like it! Of course it would be "fun" to get high! That's why you guys use it! BUT THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT WRONG! Again, we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs for these reasons! That is not what TRUE fun is, and that is what makes it immoral and just plain immature! We are supposed to have fun and enjoy life and relax by using our own minds, and having hobbies and interests, not by ingesting a mind-altering DRUG into our system!

And it is ILLEGAL! If you get busted, you can get into big trouble with the law! Kids need to remember this! Can't you understand that???