Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Here is a perfect example of why we all need to keep speaking up against marijuana and why it should be illegal forever, with very stiff penalties. Just because I once made a post on a marijuana video, I was attacked by hundreds of pot smokers, including a guy named Perry who writes:

"You might want to do your research many of the people in this page DO have prescriptions for marijuana(including the guy who makes this video), Marijuana eases nerve pain and relieves stress, along with many other aids, the only other option for some people is to take a prescribed pill, all of which will destroy your liver and create many more health issues down the road. There is a reason people use Marijuana, and its not just to "get high" (although that is a benefit) Many people on this channel do not drink alcohol, and alcohol is 1000x more damaging than weed, and yet I would bet you and you husband have a beer in the frig right now. But if you still have a problem with weed, thats your opinion, but this is a Weed based youtube channel so you might want to stay away, your just causing people to get upset. Live your life the way that makes you happy! and be happy that other people are living their lives to make themselves happy, and don't need to answer to anyone but themselves."

Yes folks, this is the type of person we would be legalizing "medical" marijuana for.