Friday, January 08, 2016


Here is yet more proof as to why marijuana should be illegal forever, with very stiff penalties (warning: strong language!)

Abraham Lincoln: Fuckin creepy ass lady LMAO. Typicall ANTI-POT activist. I've touched pot once, its not my thing, but it's not a bad thing. Alcohol and tobacco are wayyyyy worse. And addicting. No one dies from marijuana. Google it ya crazy old bitch cindybin2001 +Abraham Lincoln OH YOU PEOPLE ARE DRIVING ME BANANAS!!!!! I have said over and over that the main reason I have been forced to continue speaking up against pot is because you guys always accuse me of thinking that marijuana is dangerous and deadly like alcohol and cigarettes! NOBODY THINKS THAT! NOBODY THINKS THAT! I DON'T THINK THAT AT ALL! Get that through your head! I never said that marijuana is dangerous or that it has killed anybody or anything like that! Yes I know that alcohol is terrible and that it IS highly addictive and it DOES kill people!!! I rant against alcohol all the time! All I am saying is that we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. This is good morals and just plain common sense! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT???? OH YOU PEOPLE ARE DRIVING ME INSANE!! And I have said over and over that you can't compare alcohol and marijuana to cigarettes! THAT ISN'T THE SAME AT ALL! Of course we shouldn't smoke cigarettes! That is a given and I have written tons of stuff against cigarettes! I wrote a long blog about the dangers of smoking and how my dad died hooked up to an oxygen tank after years of smoking! I publish it every Father's Day on my blog and have mentioned it countless times! But that doesn't make it okay to smoke POT! Can't you see that??? 

And marijuana is ILLEGAL! If you get busted, it won't help to tell the judge that "alcohol and tobacco are wayyyy worse"! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT? I have seen kids go through hell in the court room where I live, just for having an empty pipe! If you told the judge that alcohol and cigarettes are worse than pot, the judge would laugh in your face and throw you in JAIL for making excuses for breaking the law! Kids need to realize this! But even if pot were legal, what parent would EVER raise their kids to grow up and get high on marijuana?? Most parents try to teach their kids morals, values and common sense to know that this is wrong and immature! And I know that many of these same parents think nothing of using a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol, but they are hypocrites! A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren't breaking the law! People need to grow up and set an example and not use mind-altering drugs to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. That is not what TRUE fun is! And that is what makes it wrong! Comments like yours are the entire reason I have been forced to continue speaking up against pot all these years. I never even THOUGHT about pot before all this! I never smoked pot, I've never even SEEN marijuana. But boy have you guys opened my eyes! Now I realize that we all need to speak up against pot even MORE, to EDUCATE you guys! You all honestly think that if only we knew that marijuana is safer than alcohol and cigarettes, that we'd suddenly realize that it's okay to get high on "weed"! OH BROTHER!!!