Saturday, March 19, 2016

Video Pick of the Week: Richard Dawson On Family Feud Has Laughing Fit!

Here's a funny clip of game show host Richard Dawson of Family Feud having an uncontrollable laughing fit at a contestant's answer regarding pregnancy. He has such a hard time controlling himself that he finally abandons the buzzer and just does his best to get through the rest of the questions!

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Anonymous said...

Happy easter Cindy!
This was fun after drinking 68% whisky with my father in law.

Best regards,

Gunvald Larsson.

Ps. In Europe they have "easter beer". I just had a 6-pack. It id tasty.

Regarding mind-altering drugs. Alcohol stopped working on me as I grew a tolerance. We can now be friends. When my friends pass out, I could still operate a vehicle.