Monday, December 21, 2015


Grandson: (holding Star Wars action figure in front of my face) “Grandma, this is Greedo. Here’s the hole where Han shot him.”

Grandma: “Oh, that’s nice honey. My Strawberry Shortcake doll has a hole where Blueberry Muffin shot her.”

Grandson: (rolls eyes)



A charming fellow named Skinimini writes:

"You're still completely clueless to what we're saying. Nobody here gives a flying fuck about what you have to say about Cannabis. We don't want you here with your government fed anti-marijuana bullshit. We will smoke what we want to smoke and do with our lives what we want to do. You say you've ranted for 15 years online against "pot", by this time, haven't you realized that we don't care? Not everybody smokes to just get high, or feel "buzzed" (as you like to mention), some people, such as myself smoke MEDICAL marijuana to help with pains from previous injuries. Problems such as arthritis, severe back pains, and also in my case, pain from broken ribs and a broken collarbone. Marijuana is legal in numerous places for so many reasons. Take Canada for example, what is Canada known for? Not for being the most unhealthy nation in the world, that's for sure, in fact, they're known as one of the healthiest, and guess what's legal in Canada... Marijuana. Do you know why? Because they've realized that it's not dangerous to your health, and they don't have to feed the general public a bunch of lies and other bullshit like the American government does. The only reason that the American government does this is so that people stick to smoking cancer sticks, when someone purchases a deathly pack of smokeable tobacco, the money from Big Tobacco funds the government, which the greedy American government would never want to give up. Therefore, to keep people from switching away from those unhealthy white sticks, they down-talk anything that could possibly be a healthier alternative, in this case, vaporizers and marijuana. So, do us all a favor and FUCK OFF. Oh, and for your old person side, fuck, cunt, bitch, ass, asshole, douche, slut, shit, damn, dick, cock, pussy, fag, bastard, and finally... douchebag."

Yes folks, THIS is who we are legalizing marijuana for. Remember that! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015


And people wonder why I have to keep speaking up against pot:

A woman named Mia writes:

Speaking as someone who has never drank alcohol or smoked pot I kind of agree with your views about alcohol. It makes people violent and irresponsible. Personally, I think the world would be better place if no one drank alcohol. However, judging people you don't even know for drinking is elitist, judgmental, and bad. If you look at the statistics of how often people drink the vast majority of drinkers only have a drink once every couple of months. The alcohol companies make all of their money off of the alcoholics who have a drinking problem which is only a very small percentage of drinkers. Judging an entire group of people based on the actions of very few is the definition of being a bigot. As for pot you need to do your research it's non addictive and pretty much harmless. It's only illegal because lumber companies in the mid 20th century ran smear campaigns against pot to protect themselves from far more sustainable and useful hemp materials.

You should watch the TED talk about how consumable non-TLC pot is being used to treat children with seizures. Pot is a drug, but its also a perscriptuon drug that small children are DYING without access to.



(Warning: strong language!)

A sweet young man named Rasheed writes:

Lmao high as shit while reading this 😂 who gives a fuck it's not like it's any of your business if people smoke weed it has little health effects and unlike people like you stoners want to have fun and enjoy a plant. I think you have the idea of stoners all wrong lol , most stoners are able to balance their normals lives and smoking pot . For example I happen to take AP English and biology and I am an honor student. I play 1st alto in my high school jazz band, I play centerfield and 3rd base for my varsity team, and yet I'm a stoner . Don't assume just because people smoke a plant they're evil and marijuana is terrible because it's nowhere close to terrible

You have yet to give me evidence saying that pot is bad, and saying its bad because it makes you happy and feel good ? How does that make any sense? I use marijuana to escape the shitty hypocritical world we live in which people say it's ok to drink alcohol . A drug which kills 85 thousand people in the US alone, and then if a guy is caught with a joint OH MY GOD WHAT A DRUG ADDICT LETS GIVE HIM LIFE IN PRISON FOR USING A DEUG WITH MORE MEDICINAL PURPOSES THAN HALF THE SHIT APPROVED BY FDA, it's fucking stupid . People like you are the reason why this world is fucked, because all you do is complain to people like they give a shit about what you say . New flash for you no one cares if you don't like pot, that's not gonna talk stoners away from doing it because they're not gonna listen to some crazy bullshit said by you . And my parents don't mind me smoking pot they know it's not bad, just stop spreading your bullshit you're just digging yourself an even bigger grave .

No Cindy you grow up and stop making a fool out of yourself you're pathetic just mind your business and do what you want to do and let other people do what they want to do . Just stop this and move on with your life

You are crazy you need serious help . Stop hating on people for smoking weed. You clearly have some sort of problem in life I have no idea what it is but you're clearly just taking your anger out on marijuana users, which is wrong . That's like me saying oh well I'm angry about this and this you know what let me take my anger out on people who like dolls . People use profanity against you because you piss them off when you accuse them for all these things but yet you're not fixing your problems . Do some research on marijuana you'll see that the health effects are minimal: lung irritation, possible anxiety and those are the only proven health effects . I don't know about other stoners but when I started smoking weed I became more social and I became happier. This is the last comment I'm sending to you..... There's clearly no point in arguing with you because you are stubborn. Please stop hating on stoners because if you were actually kind to them most of them would be the same back

Yes folks, this is one of the people we would be legalizing marijuana for. Do we really want that to happen???