Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Christmas Girl Nudity: Be Careful What You Search For

I was looking for some pictures to put in a little toy TV for my American doll house, and typed "Christmas girl" in Google, thinking I would see a bunch of cute little girls with presents and reindeer and Christmas trees, etc. I could not believe my eyes when up popped all these lewd photos of women in Christmas skirts and Santa hats holding their naked breasts and posing in all kinds of suggestive positions. Even if you click on the "art" link it brings up all kinds of nudity and suggestiveness. What is WRONG with the world?? Is this what Christmas is supposed to be about?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Chicago--My Kind of Town

I heard Frank Sinatra singing on the oldies channel:

"My kind of town, Chicago is
My kind of razzmatazz
And it has, all that jazz"

Yep, every time I go to Chicago I think of the razzmatazz.