Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Getting High and Having Fun on Vicodin

Here's another reason why we need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal forever. Do we really want to legalize drugs for people like this? Yet another Internet person who thinks nothing is wrong with smoking pot and who can't understand why it's wrong and immature to use drugs to get high and stoned wrote to me about his experiences with a prescribed pain medication:

"I got high on Vicodin when it was prescribed to me after getting my wisdom teeth extracted. Instead of writhing in pain, I flew above the clouds. According to Cindy's "wisdom", I should have taken the Vicodin to relieve pain, but not enjoyed it at all. I should have been saying, "Dang. It sucks that I have to take this mind altering drug. Whoa is me. I have lost respect for myself" then marinated in a hotbed of negativity, instead of enjoying the moment."

My reply:

OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. Why can't you understand my point?? Of course it is wrong and immature to use mind-altering drugs to get high and stoned and have "fun". You may have "enjoyed" the feeling you got from being high on the Vicodin, but do you really that that is what TRUE fun or happiness is??? CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? Of course you "enjoyed" it, but it is not good to use mind-altering drugs for these reasons! That is not what TRUE fun or happiness or pleasure is!! GROW UP ALREADY. Set an example and take a stand.