Saturday, February 01, 2014


Here’s a rant about Oprah’s cleavage that I hadn’t expected to write today.

I stumbled across something online this afternoon about how Oprah Winfrey lost a lot of weight, so I checked it out further to see if she actually had (I don’t normally keep up with Oprah), and found an article about her appearance at the 19th annual Critics Choice Awards. There were pictures of her in a form-fitting, lowcut dress, and the article went on to say how “her ample cleavage stole the show, hoiked up nice and high giving her plenty of volume in her v-neck dress.” I was irked enough at this, ready to give the author a lecture on how showing one’s cleavage is NOT a good thing, and that women need to have a sense of modesty, etc. Then I investigated further and found that this was a CHRISTIAN site, called, which features “news and information that relates to the Christian community” What the ---???? A CHRISTIAN site raving about a woman’s cleavage and how it’s “hoiked up nice and high”? What is the deal with that??? This world is crazy.

And that’s my rant about Oprah’s cleavage.