Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Who will be my dream date? Could it be the “formal dance” guy, or the bowling date? Maybe the beach or the skiing guy? But let’s hope it is NOT the “dud”! He is poorly dressed, his hair is tousled, and he even needs a shave! What a bum!

I actually had the game “Mystery Date” as a kid in the 60’s, and I remember playing it with friends. It was always exciting to open the door and see what dreamboat (or dream-dud) was behind it. Manufactured by Milton Bradley, Mystery Date first appeared in 1965 and has been reissued several times since then.

Here is the original 60’s commercial for Mystery Date. The girls look like they are having so much fun! I also stumbled across a silly Mystery Date parody (by CrashingCrockery) you can check out if you are brave.  

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Monday, December 23, 2013


Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal Forever: People Actually Think That Raising Tax Revenue from the Sale of Marijuana is a Good Thing

Here is the first of many, many blogs I am planning to write to show why pot should be illegal forever, with very stiff penalties.

So I sign into my Yahoo to check my email, and once again I’m bombarded by marijuana articles, raving about how we should legalize marijuana or about the states poised to legalized marijuana or how great it would be to have marijuana legalized. I skimmed through one of them and it talked about how “the primary allure of legalizing cannabis on a state and/or federal basis is inherent in the taxable revenue that could be collected from the sale of the currently controlled substance.” Aaaarghh!This is one of the top five excuses pot smokers use to justify their drug use. Pot smokers online have told me this for YEARS (usually while cussing me out, threatening me with death and bodily harm, attacking my religion and my looks, and making fun of me for collecting dolls). They all say that pot should be legal because we could make money from it. They just don’t get it! The whole object is to get people to NOT smoke pot! We don’t want to make money off of drugs! How sad would THAT be? What would that say about our society, that we are raising tax dollars from drug use?? The point is to make it so that people DON’T use drugs, not to legalize drugs so that we can make money from it!

This proves my point that marijuana should be illegal forever, with very stiff penalties. It is not because of marijuana itself, but because of the people who use and defend it! Do we really want people like this walking around actually USING mind-altering drugs? Heck no!