Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Nothing like a neighborhood cat making herself right at home on your deck.

Brisco and Bowler’s sister Becky came by last evening. She was sleeping peacefully on the picnic table when we spotted her. I grabbed a small dish of cat food and the camera, and slowly walked out onto the deck and sat down. She sat up and looked at me, stretched and eventually came over to eat, then went under the picnic table to listen to me chatter away in baby talk to her.

We found Becky and her brothers as newborn kittens under our deck four years ago, and were planning to adopt her when she was old enough to wean from her mother, a neighborhood stray. But on an outing with the mother cat, Becky was snatched by the Evil Woman Down the Street, who adopted her as her own. So we ended up taking in Bowler and Brisco instead. We did not see Becky for a long time and didn’t even know what had happened to her. It wasn’t until weeks later that we learned she had been adopted by someone else. And now, even though she will no longer let me touch her, Becky still knows who her TRUE MOTHER is, and that is why she still comes by to visit every once in a while, much to my delight.