Thursday, February 14, 2013


Here's the giggliest baby ever! I have never seen a baby laugh this much--not my own kids or my grandkids or anybody! He really thinks it's hilarious to watch his dad rip up a job rejection letter!

And as an afterthought, here is another video I stumbled upon which shows what this baby might be like all grown up--especially at tax time! Hee hee ha ha ho ho...


When we saw that the president was going to speak the other night, we surfed the channels to see what else might be on and hit upon WKRP in Cincinnati. We used to watch this show about a fictional struggling radio station when it was first on back in the late 1970’s, so it brought back memories. We ended up watching it for two hours. Yes, TWO HOURS. I was trapped under two heavy cats and got up to go to the bathroom and get a snack at one point, but otherwise sat through all four episodes. Below are a few short clips from this Emmy-award nominated series. From reading some of the message boards, it’s obvious that this show still has many dedicated fans.

“The best show that ever aired,” said YouTuber Eragon Shades.

Another poster named riedej praised the variety of wacky characters at the radio station. “Anyone who works in broadcasting has worked where there WAS a Herb Tarlek or a Less Nessman,” said riedej. 

“While caricatures, these personalities really do exist. It’s those relatable characters that made this series so timeless and so enjoyable. Here it is,40 years or so later, and it still holds up. That’s good casting and good writing.”

I used to work at my college radio station—all ten watts of it—and we did indeed have “characters” much like those depicted on WKRP. Since I was news director one year, I probably was like the clueless, nerdy Les Nessman—although I’d much prefer to have been like that cute, sweet Bailey! My future husband worked there, too. He was program director so he would have been the “Andy Travis” of WKRP. He even had the hair for it! And he really did work at trying to better our little station (which wasn’t easy considering the staff of distracted and often incompetent college students).

Below are a few pictures of me at the old college facilities. The first one (b&w) is actually from high school when I went to a local radio station to do a story on news broadcasting for the school newspaper. This photo was staged—I didn’t really get to talk on the air! But I thought it was so cool to sit at a real control booth! And both stations really were like WKRP with their endless shelves of records, along with rotary telephones, gigantic tape recording machines, and no computers in sight. How did we survive without CD’s, the Internet and cell phones?

So yes, it was a fun step back into time watching those episodes the other night. I also enjoyed hearing the theme song—one of the more well-written melodies as TV themes go. We did flip to the president during the commercials, and saw Senator Al Franken and remarked about how we can’t look at him without thinking of the SNL skits he used to do (“Me, Al Franken”). Also saw Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin—I once interviewed him during my newspaper reporting days (when he was still a representative). And we saw Michelle’s new bangs. But otherwise, forget about politics and world events and pressing social issues. I can catch the highlights on NPR the next day. I’ll just sit back and watch the staff at WKRP!

Below are a few short videos. A couple of them feature the station’s star DJ, Dr. Johnny Fever, who was quite popular in his heyday in the late 60’s but was fired for saying “booger” on the air. At WKRP he delights in blurting out this naughty word on the station’s new rock format. There is also the infamous “turkey drop” episode, which was staged as a Thanksgiving promotion. (“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”) And there’s an interesting “Where are they now” video, with the full theme song. Enjoy!

WKRP Where Are They Now (with theme song)

Baby, if you've ever wondered, 
Wondered whatever became of me, 
I'm living on the air in Cincinnati, 
Cincinnati, WKRP. 

Got kind of tired packing and unpacking, 
Town to town and up and down the dial 
Maybe you and me were never meant to be, 
But baby think of me once in awhile. 

I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati… 


Have you ever wanted to make a Barbie or princess cake for a special little girl? Actually something like this can be made for a big girl, too! I made this for my daughter-in-law several years ago. It uses a Wilton cake mold and doll pick that came in a set.

YouTube has many videos on how to do these creations, but here are a few short ones I've collected to share with you. Have fun!

Cake One
Cake Two
Cake Three
Cake Four


Happy Valentine's Day from the girls! As you can see, Chelsea is wide awake and read to eat in her Valentine bib. Becky konked out with her Care Bear. And Brisco took over the carseat, so I can't take either of the babies anywhere!