Saturday, February 09, 2013



It’s finally here, the long-awaited “Reborn-Style” official music video! This gangnam style parody is hot off the charts and has already received rave reviews! Featuring “Rebornprincess53” and her niece, Star, the video also includes a variety of guest stars and dolls from YouTube’s large reborn doll community, dancing to the catchy gangnam style beat.

Rebornprincess53, whose real name is Becky, put out the call last month to viewers, asking them to send in clips of themselves performing their own signature gangnam style dance moves. Her son Cody wrote the lyrics. Becky, who works as a substitute teacher, is known for her imaginative, fun-filled videos where she takes these realistic-looking baby and toddler dolls out in public to get people’s reactions. With the help of her sons Cory and Cody who do filming and editing, she has taken the dolls trick-or-treating, gotten their picture taken with Santa and the Easter bunny at the mall, to the hair salon and even Elvis tribute concerts.  What’s more, Becky has been a guest on the Today Show and Anderson Cooper for their segments on why reborn dolls are so popular. She also is the founder of the first and only reborn baby doll fan club, “Wild For Reborns.”

When Becky asked fellow doll enthusiasts to participate in the first-ever reborn music video, she urged them to be creative. And as you will see from the finished production, creative they were. And hey, with lyrics like, “Reborn dolls, realistic dolls, they are cuddly, they are so mind-blowing epic!” how can you go wrong?

“People everywhere, are so curious about these dolls
People everywhere, think they’re real but they’re not
People everywhere think they’re creepy but they’re cute
People everywhere reborns all rule!”


Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Here is a good recipe for lowcarb peanut butter cookies. I just made a batch and they are heavenly!!

Ingredients: One cup peanut butter (all natural, no sugar added peanut butter--I used Smucker's)
1 egg
1/2 cup almond flour (lower in carbs than regular flour, I found this at the health food store)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla
Small amount of honey (the object is to use as little as possible, because the more you use, the more it will raise your insulin level causing fat to be stored. I try to use about 3 tablespoons or so)
A pinch of salt, but only if you are using no-salt peanut butter. Smucker's does have salt already so it is not needed.
One tablespoon milk and one tablespoon whole wheat flour if desired, just to make it a bit more dense.

Mix all ingredients and drop by rounded spoonfuls onto baking sheet. Use a fork to make cris-cross pattern on the top of each cookie. Bake at 325 degrees for about ten minutes. Let cool completely before eating, or they will be too crumbly. Store tightly covered.


I was flipping through the channels late the other night and came across the Seinfeld "lost in the parking garage" episode and found myself watching the whole thing--even though I've seen this at least 5 times already! But it's just so funny! And it had been a couple of years since my last viewing, so I thought, "What the heck--you always pick up something new."

This show is from season three of the hit series, and revolves around the gang going on a shopping trip in Jersey so that Kramer can buy a cheap air conditioner. Comedy ensues when they can't find their car in the huge parking garage. And of course each character has a problem of some kind: Jerry has to urinate, Elaine has a bag of slowly dying fish, George has to meet his parents in the city for their anniversary, and Kramer is just, well, Kramer.

Here is a clip of where Jerry gets caught publicly urinating. Here's a clip of Kramer hiding his air conditioner behind a car while they go look for their own car. (Trivia question: what was the color and number they were all supposed to remember? You win a prize if you are correct.) Here is a theatrical trailer spoof of this episode. And here is an inside look at the making of the episode! Enjoy!


I think there was some sports event Sunday--something they call "The Superbowl" or "The Big Game." Well we didn't have any Superbowl party. We had a Stargate SG-1 Party! WOO HOO! GO TEAM GO!

This military science adventure series ran for ten years starting in 1997, and we watch it every Sunday evening--two episodes at a time--even though we've seen them all before. Some of it goes over my head and sometimes I have to close my eyes if there is a torture scene. Ugh! But for the most part, I enjoy the show and understand what's going on.

It stars Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge. They are part of the SG-1, the Air Force special forces squad that explores the galaxy and defends it against alien threats. Anderson is a colonel and leader of the group. Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson, is a brilliant Egyptologist, and cute to boot! (I included two additional pictures of him, as you can see!) Tapping plays Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist, and Judge is an alien who wants to lead his race to freedom. Don't we all?

Here are a few YouTube clips. The first is a fan video detailing  Col. Jack O'Neill's 7 Rules of Gate Travel. Next is a short humorous video called "Daniel Jackson screws up again" and the third video is a short clip of Daniel Jackson making six faces in four seconds. Enjoy!