Thursday, October 10, 2013


Purse enthusiasts unite! It’s October 10 and that means National Handbag Day! (And that sure is better than “National Drink Beer Day”—see rant below.)

Yes, the ladies at have enacted the first holiday for handbag lovers. That’s a day I can celebrate! And not with booze but with purses! Anybody who knows me also knows that purses are one of my weaknesses (that and dolls.) I love looking at them, feeling them, “playing” with them, organizing them, and most of all carrying them! I have a good-sized collection in various shapes, sizes and styles. My husband can’t understand why I like purses so much, since he’s used the same wallet for 20 years. But that’s guys for you. Most women want and NEED a variety of purses, to suit their various moods and occasions. Sometimes a big purse is required to carry lots of stuff, and other times a more compact, over-the-shoulder bag is more fitting. And sometimes just a little wristlet will do!

I like to have various KINDS of purses, and my tastes run on the girly, retro and whimsical side. No classic, expensive, all black leather handbags for me. Although I’d take one if someone GAVE one to me! But I don’t want to pay that much, and also I gravitate toward pinks and purples and fun stuff.

Take my dog purses, for example. I have a whole collection of Fuzzy Nation doggies—stuffed animals with a handle and zipper down the bag to hold your essentials. I love them! I also have a number of “regular” Fuzzy Nation handbags and wristlets that aren’t shaped like dogs but have dogs ON them. And my Pan Am purses—totally retro and fun. I can pretend to be a 60’s stewardess! I also have two Twiggy London purses, one that is a huge hot pink and orange union jack! And then there are my colorful Vera Bradley handbags. I have about 20 of those. I also like the Juicy Couture velour purses with cute Scottie dogs and other decorations, and real leather trim. And I just discovered Kathy Van Zeeland purses, which also have many bright colors and interesting patterns and bling.

I don’t have anything expensive, though. Most of my purses were bought used online, or even found at garage sales and thrift stores. I know there are brands like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Chanel, etc. that can cost thousands of dollars. I would NEVER pay that much for a purse! I have even heard of one handbag that cost $150,000. That is insane! Most of my handbags were well under under $20. One Juicy Couture purse cost just 99 cents!

Here are pictures of some of my cheap, used, but cute purses. And if you want to hunt for them, I have written several blogs featuring my purses—Twiggy London (most recent) and Fuzzy Nation and Pan Am from a few years ago. They are there to check out if you’d like!

Happy National Handbag Day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I will drink to celebrate National Handbag day... Cheers

Anonymous said...

Man are those some BUTT-UGLY handbags.