Friday, October 26, 2012


Here’s a little-known fact about Cindybin: I am a movie star! Yes, it’s true. I acted in a Star Trek movie with Kirk, Spock, Scotty and all the gang, on the Starship Enterprise! In fact, my whole family was in it! Twenty years ago when I was 35, back in 1992 at Universal Studios in Florida.

If you don’t believe me, here are some pictures from the movie. One of them shows us all being beamed up and meeting Scotty aboard the space ship. I remember that well—it was so fun! Kind of a tingly feeling. My husband is the tall guy—he played a Vulcan. He had pointy ears and everything! My older son was the Captain, and my younger son and I were “graduates.”

Here’s another still of me and my bad perm where I was speaking one of my lines. I really put my all into it—had to prepare for weeks! It was very grueling but worth it. I almost got nominated for an Academy Award!

Due to objections from family members (including myself), I am not able to show you the actual movie, but here is a link to some other family that was in the same movie. It stars Heidi, Sue, Brenda and Shelly. Looks like they had a great time, too!

Yes, it was enormous fun working with the gang from Star Trek—especially William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy—or should I say Bill and Lenny. It was an experience we will never forget, and we are all still great friends to this day. 


My reborn baby dolls Becky and Chelsea are all ready for Halloween, too! Here they are in their festive outfits I found at garage sales this summer. So cute!

Francie doll is always a Halloween-y, thanks to her green face. Francie is Barbie's cousin from the 60's and this vinyl discoloration is common in dolls from that era. So she is a permanent witch. But the prettiest witch in town!


Do you remember that show called Whose Line Is it Anyway? We used to watch that all the time, and I just discovered there is a whole YouTube channel devoted to it! Woo hoo! Skits and hilarity galore! And I have rounded up a few videos for you to watch! Aren’t I nice? Cindybin’s blog: one-stop shopping for all your Internet needs! It has it all! Fun videos, dolls, cute cats, comedy, drama, cleaning tips, informational blogs, recipes and weight loss tips, and even why we shouldn’t use marijuana or alcohol or cigarettes! Why visit any other sites? Just always come here! I do the work so YOU don’t have to!

Yes, that entire preceding paragraph was IMPROVISED, just like they do on Whose Line. Get it? Haha. This was one of my favorite shows. I particularly enjoyed the “Newsflash” segments where there was a reporter out in the field in front of a green screen, where he didn’t know what was going on, and he had to describe the situation and guess what it was with the help of the reporters who were giving him clues. Here are not one but two videos with cute Newsflash skits. Another favorite was the Superheroes segment where the actors had to play unlikely superheroes and have the others guess who they were.

Whose Line, the improvisational comedy show “where everything is made up and the points don’t matter,” originally ran in England and then in America for eight seasons.  Drew Carey was the host, and the primary performers were Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie.

Enjoy the clips, and don’t try to watch the entire channel all in one sitting! 


Speaking of costumes, Bowler could hardly wait to get into his this year! I told him, "Kitty, it's still a bit early--Halloween isn't until next week!" But he insisted on dressing up. You gotta admit he looks cute, though. He really gets into the spirit. What's Halloween without a black cat?

Meanwhile his brother Brisco doesn't seem to care. Oh well, there's still time to find a suitable outfit for him. Let's see, what else can I find in the dress-up tub...


Speaking of sewing, this book can really come handy at this time of year. If you are stuck for a Halloween costume, try Jane Asher’s Costume Book. It contains over 100 ideas for “extraordinary, beautiful or funny costumes” and full instructions on how to make them. Costumes are for adults and children as well.

Jane Asher is a well-known actress and author in England and I am a fan of her many craft and cake decorating books. This book is from the early 80’s, and is the American version of her original “Jane Asher’s Fancy Dress” which was first published in Britain. Also for anyone who doesn’t know, Jane was ex-Beatle Paul McCartney’s long time girlfriend and fiancĂ© in the 60s.

This book, like all her works, is fun to read, with lots of colorful pictures and even celebrities modeling some of the outfits. She has a section on the history of costumes, with words of advice on how she hopes her book will be a “springboard for your own ideas.”

“I hope you have enormous fun making them, and incorporating some of the ideas and methods in your own designs,” she says.  

I think this book is out of print, but you can get it on eBay or at used book sites. It’s probably too late for this year’s Halloween, but keep it in mind for next year!


My American Girl Kirsten is finally looking more like herself after I made her an outfit and put her hair in braids. Doesn't she look cute? This historical doll is supposed to be a prairie girl, but when I bought her she had no clothes and her hair was down and kind of a frizzy mess. I made her a dress, apron, bought her some replacement boots, and found a bonnet from another doll outfit. I found her set of books at a garage sale. Now we can all tell who she is! 


Speaking of marijuana, I received some words of advice today that I think will change my life. This man tells me that he uses marijuana both medicinally and recreationally.

“ You can tell me all you want it's not what fun really is, but I can assure you myself along with MILLIONS of other Americans have TONS of fun smoking cannabis and doing other activities that harm nobody,” he said.

I told him that we shouldn’t use mind-altering drugs to have fun, and that we should have nice, wholesome hobbies—including things I enjoy such as doll collecting, cake decorating, reading, sewing, watching TV, etc. He then replied:

 “Yeah, well all of those activities are boring as sh*t to most people in today's world. Notice how many people hate your doll videos and call you crazy for it? Maybe when thousands of people are telling you something you should wake up and realize it actually holds some value. TRUE fun is not collecting creepy ass lifelike baby dolls acting like a 3 year old. Unless, of course, you're actually 3. I didn't even like dolls or GI Joes when I was a kid because there's no skill or higher level of thinking or strategy involved. Just childish imaginary thinking. You do not define what TRUE fun is. Everybody has their own idea of what true fun is. Sorry, but collecting and decorating things are mindless activities to pass time. You should get out and enjoy the world more. Ride a dirt bike. Race a truck. Go offroading. Go sky diving. Rock climbing. Fly airplanes. THAT is TRUE fun in the eyes of many people, including myself. Experiencing freedom first hand. Not holed up inside playing with dolls, cakes, and watching the world pass you by on TV. I don't even have a TV signal in my house!!!”

Wow! Nobody has ever told me this before! What a nice pot smoker. I see now how boring my life has been. No wonder the pot smokers have voted thumbs down on my doll videos! They were trying to tell me something!  I was just too thick-skulled to realize it! To heck with the dolls—I’m done being holed up in the house playing with them all day like a little girl. To heck with cake decorating and sewing and watching TV and reading! I plan to finally get out of the house! I haven’t been hiking or to a park or even on a walk for years! I’m so pale! I’m off to see the world! And take up dirt bike riding and rock climbing! Even fly an airplane! And I’m going to smoke some WEED! Right after I post some more blogs.


As my two readers probably know, I am against mind-altering drugs like marijuana and alcohol. About marijuana, especially, I don’t say anything that any other parent wouldn’t say—just that we shouldn’t use mind-altering drugs to get high and that you can get into serious trouble with the law if you get busted. Very simple—nothing far-fetched. I thought I had cleared all this up years ago on Yahoo, yet I still get all kinds of emails and comments from pot smokers—even medical users—who haven’t read a thing I’ve written over the years and totally misunderstand my points. They cuss me out, accuse me of doing things like drinking coffee and ask why I don’t speak up against alcohol and cigarettes, etc. And they are always telling me that “weed hasn’t killed anyone” and they are always making fun of me for collecting dolls (or “playing with dolls”). Don’t even get me started on that! I’ve been meaning for the past year to write a blog entitled, “Doll Collecting 101 for Pot Smokers” to educate them. (But I keep getting distracted watching doll videos--ha!)

Anyway, I get so many comments and emails, long tomes bestowing the virtues of marijuana and why it’s harmless and good and fun to get high and how I am the most uneducated and worst, most close-minded person in the world, etc.  I don’t have time to read and answer all these, of course.  But here are just a few little gems I have collected over the past couple of days—the shorter ones, at least. (And actually, these are the NICER ones, too; at least nobody threatened me, told me they hope my husband and I die in a fiery car crash, or called me the c-word.) In order to save time, I will answer all of these here with one word: “AAARGGGGHHHH!!”

“I think smoking pot is healthier than collecting fake babys to be honest.”

“Stfu lady youre not making a difference, if we weren’t supposed to smoke pot/alcohol why would it be growing on the earth for our use or have the tools to make it? Itd be a waste not to”

“weed is harmless the only reason y the goverment says its bad is cuz it killed monkeys but not cuz of weed but cuz they pumped 6 grams into there lungs at once and suffocated them ive been smokeing weed sencei was 14 years old im now 19 and im as smart as i was then as i am now”

“if everyone in the world smoked weed there would b no such thing as war”

“OMG what is wrong with you. Why is this OH SO BAD drug prescribed by doctors to help their patients. Weed as far as I'm concerned has not been responsible for a single death or illness. A LEGAL drink known as alcohol can cause ALCOHOL POISONING and has been responsible for many deaths.”

“Try smoke a bowl, listen to your favorite music, you'll like it. Don't live a boring life dude, good things should be legal.”

“Here is some food for thought; if they tried to patent Aspirin, plain ASA; it would never pass the FDA because of the serious side effects. Think about it. It’s not the pot smokers that are the problem it’s the government we elect.”

“FREAK” (I like that one, it’s nice and to the point.)

“It's not even considered to be that bad. And to find it, it's pretty damn easy, you probably know someone who smokes some, but doesn't tell you, because you seem to be closed minded on it, so... no sense talking to you about it, because they know what to expect... I'm 20, my parents know I take that stuff, it bothers them, but as long as I don,t abuse, nothing horrible's gonna happen... Heck, I've even done worse: Magic Mushrooms, Extacy, MDMA, Speed, Hash, but no crack and all that bullcrap... But don't generalise and say it's a gateway drug, because it isn't... I'd say about half the people I know just smoke some once in a while, and don't take anything else THAN marijuana. I know some who don't do any chemical drugs (anything that isn't produced naturally *anything not Hash, Mushrooms, Marijuana*). It's just personnal choice I guess...”

“When I find a girlfriend, I'm not going to fret over her swearing or smoking a little pot. If she does it too much and it's a problem, then yeah, I'd be against that. But if it's in moderation, where's the harm in that? You do know that literally 99% of adults in this country swear, right? Chances are EXCELLENT that whatever girl I find will swear at some point or another. And you know what? I'm okay with that. I'd rather marry a successful woman who swears than a pretentious freak like you.”

"just wanna say your just another person brain washed buy the government" 

·         “Why does the truth make you furious? You know it's true, i bet you have no idea why you are even against weed! By the way have you ever tried weed? You sound like one of those people who never tried it but still pretend there like pro of weed and know that "it's bad for you" even tho you don't really know sh*t.. -_- And life is too short man! of course it OKAY to have fun! that's what life is suppose to be about, FUN! you talk like a goth man!”

“The facts is Marijuana isn’t a drug. It is a plant. It grows completely naturally in the wild without any sort of chemicals that real drugs are made with. Why would "God" make this plant and then be against it? That doesn't make any sense.”


“Oh my god are you seriously this ignorant? Your problem with marijuana is it makes people relaxed and makes them have good times? There is something profoundly wrong with you.”

“I use to chill and relax after working hard all week for the benefit of SOCIETY, whats wrong with a few joints the weekend how can you class me as a criminal? this world is serious f**ked.”

“You're a joke cindy! Your own body produce's multiple schedule 1 drugs, therefor by law you are manufacturing a schedule 1 controlled substance. One day i hope you realize how ridiculous today's drug laws are. Its funny how you believe in god yet you are against his creations. At this very moment you have DMT, NMT, Anandamide (a cannabinoid), & many other drugs flowing through your blood. Hypocrite!”

“ my parents know my dad was the first one to get me high he was smarter than most and said if you want to try it then to talk to him. and give me a verse where god says not to smoke pot. if theres a verse with that i will stop. till then you have half an argument besides it is illegal. hell i smoke with my dad once i a while i offer my mom some but she doesnt want any usually”

“I'm 26 and yes, i'm married. We smoke it together and we love it.”

“ And I know people smoke just to get high or have fun, but isn't hypocritical to say that? Does collecting dolls make you happy? If so then dolls are bad and should be illegal. See what I'm trying to say? We all should just mind our own business and live our OWN happy personal lives.”

“Drugs are used for a reason, people want to use them to enjoy themselves after a hard days work, you have no right to tall what other people can or cannot do, that is not the American way, and right now you are a from a minority group, were everybody else wants to just enjoy themselves and move on with their live. Out of all other drugs out there, including coffee, cannabis holds the most potential to increase life expectancy and jobs in the whole world.”

“give me ten facts that cannabis is harmful? please show me. also how can you say its immoral to use drugs that alter the mind?for people like my father cannabis has SAVED his life,before he started using cannabis he was taking handfuls of prescription drugs every day for a host of different diseases.he has now reduced them to his chrons disease medicine and his high blood pressure can you say that cannabis wasnt helpful for him and didnt increase his quality of life?or others?”

“why aren't you ranting about cigarettes i know someone that died from cigarettes, never someone that died from weed”

“danm i knew you were crazy. maybe you need to smoke a joint and come to reality.”

“so this is the women who rather a 100.000.000 americans die from prescription pills than being happy and smoke weed. Lol how retarded.”

“In Jesus's time the word he was preaching was illegal and the penalty was death. I follow what i think is right, not what society tells me.”

“Okay if the majority of the population ALL say that your idea is flwed. It probably is. You cant accept the fact that nobody likes your idiotic viewsk, and the only friends you have or ever will hav are in your stupid ass dolls. And your pathetic cats you crave because of the lack of human attention. Stay out of peoples lifes and worry about your own pathetic one. Im on the road for big things, my dad is a C.O.O. of a multi billion dollar company. Tell me what have you accomplished? Making a doll house? You have nothing to say to anyone, dont try to ruin other peoples harmless good times just because you have no happiness whatsoever. And yes it is harmless. It has killed less people than SUGAR!! and you consume that daily, think about that. Take your stupid sh*t elsewhere and leave the people that actually have lifes alone.”

“why does it make you mad that i have fun from it? i dont like comparing but it is the same case with alcohol. People use it to relax and hav efun”

“Humans need that altered state of mind from time to time or we will as a species go insane you see it in kids as young as 1 spinning in circles to get dizzy and fall down jumpin out of a plane let alone the fact we would go crazy if we didnt dream even if u dnt remember it u had a dream last night EVERYONE why do u think tweaker end up losing it after they been up for two weeks and sh*t idk this got me kinda perturbed”

“pot isent a drug it only makes you dizzy if so than alcohol is a drug also :)b*tch”

“My 2 cents. There are Marines out there who have fought for our country, and some of them enjoyed Cannabis. They can be arrested for simple possession like any other citizen in this country. Can you explain to me what those Marines fought for (yes, they fought for your freedom as well) if they themselves are not FREE to enjoy something that really, is not that harmful? In your 10 years of research, I have no doubt that you can show me a case where someone has died of Cannabis use.”

“Wouldn't you consider coffee to be a mind altering drug? When you wake up, you feel drowsy and tired, but what happens to your mind when you drink coffee? You start to relax don't you? You start opening your eyes more. You feel awake. I'm sure you drink coffee in the morning, and I'm sure you know coffee is more addicting than the Cannabis you seem ignorant about, which makes you more of an addict than me.”

“no one on earth have died from smoking pot, millions have died from drinking alcohol , smoking tobacco etc, weed came from the earth , god put weed here , not us humans , but god, if it was a bad substance god wouldnt put it here ,”

“yes, I DO think it's a wise choice to light up a joint or smoke a bowl. Stress takes years off your life. Cannabis effectively relieves stress on a level you probably can't even imagine. That's just the tip of the iceberg.”

“I wish ron paul was still running for president he was the only candidate that was smart enough to legalize marijuana”

“Being unfit, fat, not working out & watching porn just about describes the lifestyles of half of the western world, I do not know what that has to do with cannabis. Nothings is good for you in excess, but I would much prefer to be a cannabis addict than alcohol, tobacco or even have food addictions; the last three will kill you or cause disease. We have an epidemic of bad eating in the modern world, putting massive strain on the system & people are worried cannabis; always a good laugh.”

“Sure, a judge can pass his false sentence to me on earth for something so petty like consuming a plant lol, but guess who's sentence matters the most to me. The creator of that plant, who put it on earth. Medical Marijuana is grown in the same way your local dealer grows it, but it's of a better quality. It's not man-made, it's still natural Cannabis, they just put the term Medical in front of it to separate it from the same substance. Anything can be mind-altering, even a kiss from someone.”

“This is America. I smoke weed pretty much every day and I literally have straight A's. I am in all AP classes at one of the most highly ranked schools in the nation, both academically and in athletics. "Stoners" are productive and happy PEOPLE so how about you shut the f**k up, take a bong rip, and chill the f**k out like the rest of the peace full stoners.”

  • “dude drugs is one of the best ways to free your mind, but if you're an unstable person drugs will totally ruin you”

“idont give a sh*t about alchool your stupid goverment lets you use it and be angryon it all day long with some legal medical pills right well cannabis has been around for 15 000 years miss WAKE THE F**K UP”

“hey no offense to you but mabey you should just chill out and smoke some f**king weed its not even bad”

·         “Your going around making false accusations about matters in which you know nothing about. And we're the crazy ones heh. Your trying to stop ppl from smoking mmj. Maybe you focus your energy to sonthing that matters maybe actual living children that don't have parents that would love food clothes any of things you buy your wanna be children you are one sick puppy. There are so many worse things out there that are lea gal aka alcohol prescription drugs shit you take 20 aspirin you die...”

  • “Why are you against it? If it's only because it is a mind-altering drug, then why not preach against alcohol as well?”
“really that stupid or your just pretending ? STOP SPREADING LIES - POT IS DA FUTURE”

·         “You can smoke all the pot a human possible could and all that would happen would be you fell asleep and an empty food cabinet. Tell me why u dnt go around telling everyone that the should not be taking aspirin? With your logic you should be at all pharmacies preceding the good word. Good luck”

  • “Someday I hope you realize that you are a victim of our wallstreet run government's drug war propaganda. The drug war is a scam, and a very successful one. You aren't going to listen to me, but I had to tell you anyhow. Lastly, if pot is so bad, than how come my blood work is perfect? Why is it when I stop smoking I feel fine (no withdrawals at all!)... I enjoy smoking, but I also enjoy being sober, I think both states of mind are part of experiencing life. Cannabis is safer than alcohol...”
 “Cindy, please just listen. Sometimes we need to do illegal things to make this Earth a better place. Releasing your slaves used to be ILLEGAL, women voting used to be ILLEGAL. Not obeying segregation laws used to be ILLEGAL. Do you support all these previous laws? Do they become right and just, just because they're legal all of a sudden? No. They've always been right, speak your mind, stop being afraid of things because they're illegal. Illegal does not mean wrong.”
  • “Even recreational use should be legal. Life's tough sometimes and a person (without hurting others) should not be prohibited from getting some relief; Furthermore, what do you have against finding different forms of consciousness through the use of natural substances. “

“stupid dumb b*tch and she says pot is bad she is trippin on more than just pot with her f**king dolls how old are you lady?” (this from a grown man who has been a firefighter for two years.)

“Cindy you're a nutcase and nobody likes you. Burn”
  • “If you don't know how to roll then I suggest you learn to roll. Theres nothing better than rolling a perfect joint. Such a great feeling.”
  • “you're so right. marijuana makes people stupid like carl sagan and george washington. it makes them unmotivated and lazy like michael phelps and abraham lincoln. and people who smoke marijuana never contribute anything to society. there's not one actor or musician that ever smoked weed and turned out to be successful. and it just kills me inside whenever i hear about men who smoked too much weed then went home and beat their wives and children. grow the f**k up and leave other people alone bitch”
“And you never eat for enjoyment? Do you know that sugar activates the same area of the brain that cocaine does? It is no different, it is creating an emotional and chemical response which can be addictive.”

“Lmao you mad? I am old enough to weigh the positive and negative effects of marijuana and make informed decisions upon my conclusions. Maybe you should research "pot" before you preach from your high horse, because even government funded research has found marijuana to be effectively harmless compared to other substances. At least I am not wasting my liver by drinking like the rest of my dumb ass generation.”
  • “Would someone please tell me one reason pot is ''bad''. The goverment has all of you uys retarted weed saves lives do your research. its not meth guys so chill its not killing anyone.”
All you weed haters I have two words...... F**K YOU. If its natural not man made its never killed anyone right. Thats all.”
  • “Lol chill bro, just take a few hits and you'll see what we see and why we feel so strongly about marijuana. It's not bad and if you can use it responsibly then it can be enjoyable and fun. Every Tuesday none of my friends work so we all get together and smoke weed then what do we do? We play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for a good 3 hours then go eat. I don't see anything wrong with that. “
“Hey remember me? You're still a dumb b*tch.”

“cindybin2001, before you talk, maybe try Cannabis, okay?”

“your a minority fighting pot, look it up thousands die from tobacco yearly, there are no recorded deaths from pot”

“… im only 19 lady Im going to live life smoke pot have fun be open to new thing and not be all miserable playing with dolls at the age of fifty something realizing ive wasted my life”

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cindybin's Video Pick of the Week: Bic Pens For Women

I stumbled across this monologue by Ellen DeGeneres  from The Ellen Show about a new product from Bic, the pen company, called “Bic for Her.” Yes, it’s a package of pens made just for us women! Designed to fit a woman's hand! Like Ellen said, “Can you believe this? We’ve been using man-pens all these years! And they come in both lady colors—pink and purple…”

Here’s the video—I was cracking up. In all fairness, they are cute. And I’ve seen some good reviews about them. But Ellen is just so dang funny.

“I wish my mom would have talked to me about lady pens…”