Sunday, September 16, 2012


Is this the cutest thing ever? I found the American Girl "3-in-1 Bed" at a garage sale a couple of days ago. So the girls finally have a place to sleep! It was all dusty and dirty but I cleaned it up and made some bedding for it (to coordinate with Rebecca's dress which I also made) and it looks good as new. I even used fabric I already had from garage sales, so it cost me next to nothing.

This set was retired several years ago and was quite expensive (several hundred dollars) to purchase new. I paid $25 for it--not bad. It opens up on each side to reveal a clothes closet on the right, and a vanity on the left. It lights up, too! The bed folds up for storage so it's like one big box, and there is a drawer for the bedding. Mine is missing most of the original little accessories like lotions, etc., but it did come with the two heavy bookends (I put a dolly diary in between them), a hand mirror for the vanity, and a picture of Coconut the dog. The big crown is removable.

And it weighs a ton! It's definitely a piece of furniture--all wooden, not a piece of rickety plastic junk. It's nice that there is room to display dolls or accessories on top, too. Now all that's left is to get my husband to build me a big doll house...