Saturday, August 18, 2012


Can you dig it?

Well I’m pretty sure you can, because as they say, I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it, we can dig it, they can dig it, and you can dig it. Oh, let's dig it, baby.

I was on the couch tonight, trapped under a purring cat who demanded to be petted, so I tuned into some PBS fund-raising special on classic rock and roll performances on Ed Sullivan. It was quite entertaining. The above lyrics are from “Grazing in the Grass” by The Friends of Distinction. The group performed their hit single in late 1970 on Sullivan’s show. Click here to see a clip of it, with them singing and dancing all over the place. They certainly were digging being there.

Other artists I saw were The Beatles, Tom Jones, The Byrds, The Fifth Dimension, the Lovin’ Spoonful, and The Beach Boys. You gotta love “I Get Around”, where they talk about how they get around from town to town, and how they’re a “real cool head, makin’ good bread.” And don’t forget that they always take his car because it’s never been beat, and they’ve never missed yet with the girls they meet.

I also like how John Sebastian tells us that we can believe in magic. Did you know that it’s magic if the music is groovy? It makes you feel happy like an old time movie!

Oooohh, talkin’ ‘bout magic…


Chelsea is looking cute in her new dress and having fun with her new carseat toy Mommy bought her at a garage sale today. (Yes, I am her Mommy.)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Health Benefits of Wine (NOT!)

I just signed into Yahoo to check my email and saw that their feature article is on "Health Benefits of Wine" where somebody interviews some guy at some "wine lounge" in Los Angeles. Oh I just want to cry. After all the years I have ranted against alcohol, and this guy obviously hasn't read a thing I've written!

So which is it, Yahoo? You ran a story before about how even in low doses alcohol significantly increases the risk of breast cancer in women, along with liver and rectum cancer! I have written blogs about this! And Yahoo has run other stories about how alcohol is deadly, worse than heroin and cocain. And how it's highly addictive and that alcoholism is underdetected in both women and men! 

But as I've said a million times, even if alcohol were healthy, just the fact that it's a mind-altering drug makes it wrong! A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren't breaking the law! They're after the same "buzz." And it is against my religion! I'm a convert to the Mormon church and we have The Word of Wisdom which we believe to be direct revelation from God saying that alcohol is not for the body! So who do I believe, this wine guy at the wine lounge, or GOD?

Oh articles like this drive me nuts. They almost drive me to drink!