Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hooray for garage sales! The season has started and I've been out finding bargains! Here is my reborn baby doll Becky modeling the new outfits I found at garage sales this month. Isn't she darling? I love looking at the tables of infant clothes, although I see alot of the same things. I have enough sleepers and onesies, etc. but it's fun to pick out ensembles that are "different"--anything that caught my eye, is a good, well-made name brand, and inexpensive.

The first one is a cute top and skirt--it's hard to tell from the picture but the skirt has a Winnie the Pooh embroidery on it. The pink shoes are brand new, hadn't even been worn! I paid 50 whole cents for them, and a dollar for the skirt and top. Next is a sort of lavender/pinkish top and pants, followed by a snuggly Halloween outfit (which could be for a boy or a girl!) and finally a Christmas dress with attached mary-jane type shoes as part of the tights. I also bought a pair of black dressy shoes and white lace anklets for when she needs to look her best. And the best part of all: a cradle! Or bassinette or whatever you want to call it. It comes apart and folds up for easy storage, and was a real good price--I couldn't pass it up! So now Becky finally has a place to sleep other than her carseat. I know she will outgrow it soon, but this will do for now. Heehee!