Friday, February 17, 2012


Okay, who is trying to hack into my email? I've received notices from Yahoo and my stats here on Blogger show that someone is using search engine terms to determine answers to the "secret questions" Yahoo asks for passwords. I've reported this to Yahoo so I suggest you stop.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The following is a rerun of a blog about Claudine Longet from my old Yahoo Pulse site that they discontinued. I substituted the picture I did have with a picture of the new vintage album my daughter-in-law got me for Christmas. Pretty cool, huh? Ever since posting that blog about the Andy Williams Christmas specials, I sure get a lot of hits from people looking for information about him. He comes up in my "search engine terms" stats alot. Although today I got one that said, "teen self control and bowling week." What??? How did they find my blog from that?? Oh well, lol. Anyway, here's the article--I hope you enjoy it. More blogs to come!


Well have you? Heard of Claudine Longet, that is. I asked several people this question recently, and to my surprise, virtually everyone said no. If you don't know who she is, then have you at least heard of Andy Williams? You know, the legendary singer--"Moon River", hit variety show in the 60's, etc. Well Claudine Longet was Andy's wife in the 60's. A beautiful, slender, brunette actress and singer, she recorded five albums for A&M Records, and appeared many times on her husband's show and specials. The couple had three children before they divorced in the 70's. I used to watch them all the time in my youth. I think we all thought they were the ideal family. So much for that.

Anyway, I always liked her voice, and thanks to YouTube have been able to hear more of her many songs. She has the sweetest voice--real soft and little-girl sounding, with that cute French accent giving her a distinctive style you can't miss. When you hear her sing, you know it couldn't be anybody but Claudine. And she sings well!

There's much more to Claudine Longet (pronounced the French way, like "bouquet") than I have written here; you can look her up on Wikipedia to find out more, including the brouhaha in the 70's where she was charged with the fatal shooting of her lover, an Olympic skier. She never performed after that, and ended up marrying her defense attorney. They reside in Colorado.

One thing I noticed on the Wiki entry is where it talked about Claudine and Andy's friendship with Robert and Ethel Kennedy. It said that in 1968, after Kennedy's victory speech, they were all to meet at a trendy local disco. It was shortly after midnight when Andy and Claudine "got out of bed and began getting dressed", and then heard that Kennedy had been shot. I thought sheesh, how could they think of going out so late? Midnight is sleepy time! How could anybody get OUT of bed at that hour, and go to a disco of all places? Here they were parents of young children, and planning to dance the night away till all hours?

Anyway, here is a link to a Claudine Longet tribute.


Here's Becky in her new little outfit I just bought today. It was marked down to $3 and I couldn't resist! It's so cute! I love the matching bib.

Happy Valentine's Day!