Friday, January 20, 2012


We are snowed in today!! Way more snow than earlier this week, even! It just keeps coming and coming. We’re all gonna die! But it’s a good day to stay home and sew (except that I just spent the last half hour trying to retrieve a stray piece of thread that was stuck in my sewing machine, ack!). I thought I would show you some cute fabric I found the other day, featuring vintage McCall’s patterns for little girls. Isn’t it adorable? I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics but I’m sure it is available at other stores as well. I only bought a yard and I don’t know what I’ll use it for—I thought a pillow case might be suitable. I found some instructions online.

So yeah, that’s my day so far. How’s yours? : )

Sunday, January 15, 2012



Here is my new Pan Am "Innovator" purse or bag (or tote). I received this after I wrote my blog on Pan Am purses (see entry from December 2011). I just love this bag; it holds everything and looks so cool and retro. I especially like the color! I have shown an inside view so you can see the interior zipper pocket. The lining on all these Pan Am purses is really cute, with little "travelers" in various positions.

If you haven't read my Pan Am article from last month, please do so! It's all about the purses and the show and the vintage airline. Judging from the "search engine terms" on my stats page, it doesn't look like anybody has read it! I often get hits on my blog from people looking for things like Andy Williams, lowcarb recipes, dog purses, dolls (especially reborn baby dolls), Nancy Larson the exercise lady (see my Somersize story and accompanying recipes), Al Bundy or Married With Children, Sandra Bullock (because I wrote that rant about her lowcut outfit), and Mimi the YouTube beauty guru. Actually she comes up in the search terms for my blog alot, just because I wrote that one article about her last year. Gee, people want to see pictures of that cute young thing rather than of ME??? Harumph! Anyway, I hope SOMEBODY will read my Pan Am blog article from December--I worked hard on that! PAN AM PAN AM PAN AM!!! (Just trying to get my blog to show up more in search results!)

By the way, I have now had two people comment on my Pan Am purses. Last week the checkout lady looked at my Innovator and said, "I thought that was a Pan Am purse! Is that an old one or did you buy it new?" I told her it's a new repro. And last month a lady in the health food store said she liked my purse and asked if I actually used to work for Pan Am. I said yes, that I was a stewardess--and that I had all kinds of wild flings with the pilots. And was a spy. And killed a guy. And then lied about it. Ha! (You had to have seen last weeks episode to get that.)