Friday, May 27, 2011



Well it looks like Yahoo Pulse really has discontinued their blogs, like they said. You can still read it but I can't post nothin'. Oh well. I guess I'll use this one for now (until I get around to learning how to work LiveJournal, maybe?). In the meantime, here is some good marriage advice offered by one of my idols, Peggy Bundy:

Peg: (sitting on the couch with Al): "If you men only knew what we do to keep a marriage alive. Watching Oprah all day so that we have something interesting to talk to you about. Dressing like this [gestures at herself] to keep you excited. Taking beauty naps to reverse the aging process. And spending all your money so you feel like a good provider. That is how I sacrifice for you, Al Bundy. It is a thankless, exhausting job but I do it!"