Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorry I haven't updated for awhile (not that anyone cares)...I have been busy and sick, sick and busy...sigh...But I do have ideas and rough drafts in the works for all kinds of things--articles, features, investigative reporting, rants, lectures, humorous vignettes, photo montages, one-liners and tell-all books (what?? No...) Anyway, I did want to point out the new banner above, which was made by my talented friend Jeannette. Thanks Jeannette! It includes pictures of SOME of my favorite things, including Summer (a West Coast Kids doll), Bert and Ernie, a Fuzzy Nation dog purse, my cats Brisco and Bowler, my favorite couple Juan and Norma from Pasion de Gavilanes, a lowcarb mushroom pie, and dark dark chocolate! Yum! Hope all is well with you and try to check back soon--maybe I'll get something posted sometime.