Monday, June 01, 2020

Rich Leftist Dude CHEERS For Rioting, Then It Comes To his House And He ...

Voltaic Fire
9 hours ago
"Go back to where you live."
They can't, they burnt it down because you supported them.


Greg Campbelle
8 hours ago (edited)
"Go back to where you live"  How progressive of him.   If a White person said this, it would automatically be considered hate speech, regardless of the circumstances.


Rebecca Lopez
2 hours ago


Rick Nelson
38 minutes ago
How sad, but now we will see if the left loves communism.

Voltaic Fire
18 minutes ago
@Rick Nelson Rather we'll see if they love being homeless. :)

12 hours ago
Celebs: "I paid a lot of money for your bail."
Rioters: "And you think this gives you ... power over me?"


9 hours ago
"I'm as down for the cause as anybody" - Rich Guy Who Doesn't Realize Eating the Rich is the Cause


12 hours ago
These elites always think they won't be on the target list of the "revolution."
"We're totally one of you guys struggling against the man." They say as they sip their expensive ass coffee.


john dead
8 hours ago
“Oh wait guys this a Gated Community we’re not allowed in here”


45 minutes ago
Lives in gated community

Border walls do nothing and are racist!

Yey far left logic

Corona Chan
24 minutes ago
More like "Gated communities have all the best stuff! Let's loot it, we'll be rich!"

D J,
9 hours ago
Anyone who really believe's these thug Care about George Floyd is Crazy the ones that protest do,  but the ones 85 % of them would Mow George down because they are Criminals most were probably were released from prison,  They want whatever they can steal or burn down,  worse than cockroaches...    Get the Military there and extinguish them all,  Less thugs in the world,  then the people that care can protest,  Best  thing the people that care can do is show up at the POS court and watch to see how much time he'll get,


12 hours ago (edited)
The hypocrisy of every wealthy liberal on the planet.
Nothing would make me happier than seeing Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills burning.


4 hours ago
I googled this Chris Martin Palmer guy, he looks exactly as dumb as he sounds.


12 hours ago (edited)
This reminds me of when anti-2nd amendment celebrities, during the L.A. riots, were begging to borrow Charlton Heston's guns for home defense as the mobs approached Beverly Hills. They couldn't  buy pistols because of of the Brady Bill's seven day wait period that they voted for.


James Martinez
12 hours ago
These virtual signaling “educated” professionals, were ok with looters and rioters burning stores and stealing flat screen TVs but going to upper class neighborhoods, like Santa Monica, manhattan’s upper West side , or Chicago’s northern suburbs is not supporting the cause?  What hypocrites.


Stan Long
10 hours ago
Wait a minute, here.
These rioters and looters are all "white supremacists" according to the MSM.
It's decent of the celebs to go and pay their bail.


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