Monday, June 01, 2020

MSM DEFENDS ANTIFA: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany SHREDS Governors at...

Comments on "MSM DEFENDS ANTIFA: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany SHREDS Governors at White House Press Briefing"

Sue Neville
23 minutes ago (edited)
President Trump is a real man and the only one who has the courage to come out against the deep state..I love President Donald Trump, a Dad to America and the nations ❤️❤️❤️


10 minutes ago
Although it buts me that she is going on and on about how bad Trump feels about the poor black guy. How about all the WHITE people who have died?? Now Trump and Kayleigh are only playing into the "racist" stuff that gives these thugs an excuse to go nuts and loot and kill and get "free stuff"! Why don't they talk about how WAY more whites are killed by police? And how blacks are WAY more likely to commit crimes and be members of hate groups?


3 minutes ago
@cindybin2001 - It has been talked about numerous times and it's common knowledge with those who pay attention. All we ever hear from the deep state media like CNN is identity politics. Also, if Trump did, they would then again like always, call him a racist. They damn Trump if he does and damn him if he doesn't. It's catch 22. Are you a Trump supporter, or Biden supporter?


Paul Smith
1 minute ago
Yep, Sue, President Trump has shown that he is the right man for this swamp clearing at the right time.

1 second ago
@Ironmonkey103 Yes, that's true. Also, I'm a Trump supporter. I used to hate him and voted AGAINST him, only because of his bad language. I knew nothing about politics or what he stood for. I accidentally stumbled upon all these conservative YouTubers and would scold people when I learned they voted for Trump! But I kept watching and reading comments and doing research, and after thousands of videos I finally woke up and learned why we need to support him and how the mainstream media lies. Feel free to watch my Walkaway video on my channel! It explains everything.

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