Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Free Speech for All

Randy Van Horn
1 hour ago
The Democrat mindset is that of a little child. "If I can't have it no one can!".  Or, "That's not fair!".

2 hours ago
"Equality" from a politician truly means equal suffering

2 hours ago
I missed your glorious stache, John.

2 hours ago
My brother is deaf and he and I agree that type of regulation is non-sense

Charlie Westbrook
2 hours ago
If the Democrats win they’re gonna pass laws banning “hate speech”

knuckledragging neanderthal
1 hour ago
It's almost like the Disabilities Act is unconstitutional.

1 hour ago
That's a true libertarian: create solutions through competition rather than laws.

2 hours ago (edited)
I would love if LBRY will get big enough to be an actual competitor to youtube, I'm sick of its monopoly over content creation

Megan Lockhart
1 hour ago
“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Right now the left controls the present via the media. If we want to remain free, we have to take it back.

MNI Andes
2 hours ago (edited)
"You want to let the unreasonable opposition speak! Because they manifest themselves as unreasonable. You don't want to ban their speech and force them underground where no one knows what they're up to." - Jordan Peterson

2 hours ago
Ironically, most of those videos would have been subtitled by the community for free, if they had simply bothered to ask.

The Best Stooge
1 hour ago
I would not be surprised to see this video suddenly go bye bye for the mere mention of [deleted] service.

2 hours ago
The big gov knows best. We should just assimilate and conform to their will. CONFORM NOW!!!

Random World Of Channel Dad Bryon Lape
2 hours ago
All my videos get echoed to LBRY. They used to echo automatically to Bitchute too.

whoa that's a nice meme
34 minutes ago
I'm deaf and I would never want things to be taken down in my "honor."
I'd rather not have any form of censorship...which is what that is no matter how they choose to color it.
Once again, Thanks Obama..

2 hours ago
I am so glad I watched this video because I had no idea what lbry was and now I do.

Jack Hartigan
2 hours ago
In few hours them youtube minions over in west coast gonna wake up soon and see this... Video deletion in 3...2...

2 hours ago
I'll be leaving Youtube, now that this is posted!

Todd Brill
55 minutes ago
A couple of caveats about LBRY: if the creator has some kind of "back door" access to the system, or control over a proprietary app you have to use to access it, or it requires DNS to function, or hosting to function, or has any dependencies that aren't decentralized, or if its easy to identify users, it can be attacked and taken down. We've seen this many times: governments and hackers use laws, bureaucracy, and even intimidation and threats to take down apps and content they don't like.

Eff Yoo
2 hours ago
Freedom if the body,  freedom of the mind. John Stossel saves us again. I used to love seeing stoss segments on tv. It was a rare treat back then. Now, i can seek him out. Thanks for the info on lbry

Geert Matthys
2 hours ago
LBRY is banned from Facebook so it must be growing

Alexander Jones
2 hours ago
I love your videos Stossel keep spreading the good word!

Tom's Tinkering and Adventures
1 hour ago
We’re from the government and we’re here to help!

Nitesh Kumar
2 hours ago
We need to promote tf outta this LBRY
Share LBRY links instead of youtube.

American Spain
2 hours ago
John Stossle! Thank you buddy this is what I've been waiting for

14 minutes ago
Yeah, that's the leftist mentality considering "equity" in a nutshell: "If everybody can't have it, then nobody can."

1 hour ago
If it’s illegal to post a lecture online without captions, why is it legal to have an on campus lecture without a sign language interpreter?

50 minutes ago
1:31 "Berkeley took its videos down..."  The Second Principle of Liberalism: Everyone Must Be Equally Miserable.

Jan Jaworski
1 hour ago
I've been using LBRY since February and I'm impressed how good it is despite being such a young project. It is already a good alternative to Youtube and I can't wait to see more creators uploading their videos there.

Michael John
2 hours ago
Hope & Pray...
But we shall see

2 hours ago
A Youtube alternative? Count me in!

Blue Thumb
1 hour ago
I've been waiting for a competitor to YouTube!!

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