Wednesday, March 04, 2020

RETRACTION #309: The Washington Post's Paul Waldman

1 second ago
Great video! I'm a retired newspaper reporter and I am shocked at all the "fake news". I never even knew about all this until I accidentally stumbled upon conservative YouTube videos a couple of years ago. I had voted AGAINST Trump, only because of his crude language. I believed the mainstream media about how he was an evil, lying racist. I knew nothing about what he stood for because I didn't want to watch his campaign speeches. I was shocked that he won! I had to watch thousands of videos to wake up and learn the truth and understand. And I have been following Tommy Robinson to see how the media writes hit pieces about him. It's just insane. Journalists should be ashamed of themselves. When I was a reporter, we were always taught to get the facts right or boy did we hear about it.

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