Thursday, February 13, 2020

LOL: CNN & MSNBC Freak Out Over Pathetic Democrat Candidates

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Great video, Dronetek! I didn't even know the difference between Democrats and Republicans, moderates and centrists, liberals, conservatives,  Socialism, communism, capitalism, etc. until a year or so ago when I ACCIDENTALLY stumbled upon all these videos. And I'm a retired newspaper reporter and a college graduate! But all this stuff was above my head and I just didn't care. I wouldn't have even understood your video!


Anonymous said...

So you are proud that you went through life not paying attention to how the world works ?
You just posted that you have an IQ of a house plant !
How could you graduate from high school , much less college, and never have a class in civics or political science ?
I bet you are a high school drop out , and your husband drives a garbage truck !
No intelligent person would post they are an Idiot.
I hope you don't breed , the world has filled it's quota of MORONS for this century.
You need some serious help !

Cindybin said...

As I've explained before, I did take Civics class in junior high, and I took political science in college. I don't know how I passed but I did. I got B's, I think. But I must have learned just enough to pass the tests, and I didn't really understand what I was doing. I just didn't care about politics. I graduated from college, majoring in communications, and worked as a newspaper reporter for years but covered mainly human interest stories and board meetings. I had voted AGAINST Trump, only because of his crude language. I knew nothing of what he stood for, nor did I care. I had refused to watch his campaign speeches. I woke up after ACCIDENTALLY stumbling upon all the conservative videos. At first I would scold people when I learned they voted for Trump! But I kept watching and reading comments and researching and actually watching Trump's full press conferences, and slowly but surely I woke up. There's still a lot I don't understand, but I see now how the mainstream media lies about Trump and how I could never be a Democrat. Although as I've said, I do take issue with the fanatical "pro life" people on the conservative side. And no, my husband doesn't drive a garbage truck (not that there is anything wrong with that) and was always interested in politics but even he had voted AGAINST Trump, because of his crude language. It's been hard to get him to understand how the mainstream media lies. He doesn't want to watch all the YouTube videos I have watched. Nobody has time for that and they just don't care. It's sad. And as for breeding, well I can't do that anymore but I have raised my family already. How about you?

Anonymous said...

How can you group one political party all together ?
I am an independent and vote for the best candidate , just voting for a party is a poor excuse and not what gives us qualified politicians.
You say I could never vote for a Democrat they are just horrible .
Well it's because of those horrible people , we have a fourty hour work week , workplace safety laws , overtime pay , child labor laws, social security ... And many other laws I am sure you have enjoyed your whole life !
Do you realize that the Republicans of the Lincoln days were liberal ?
The parties switched in the fifties.
I can never support trump he is a lifelong democrat who just tells you the lies you want to hear ! He is a horrible role model , a serial adulterer , a womanizer , a narcissist , he lies constantly .
He is has a horrible record with disrespecting veterans and their families !
Trump saluted a North Korea general, and stole two point eight million Americans donated to veterans and spent it on his campaign.
He stole money donated to his charity and spent on himself , that's why the dissolved his charity and fined him two million he owed the charity
He paid a twenty five million settlement for fraud in trump university class action lawsuit.
He says America First , yet almost all trump family's merchandise made in third world countries by children except his MAGA hats they are made in California by Mexicans...
He has been caught employing illegal immigrants at his properties, and the building of trump tower , he hires hundreds of H1 visa immigrants every year at his properties , why won't he give those jobs to Americans ?
Because trump only cares about himself and money.
He is destroying the environment for quick profits for he's one percent buddies , don't you want an America with clean Air and water ?