Saturday, February 15, 2020

How to CRUSH THE LEFT Once and For All


Anonymous said...

Did you watch Dateline Friday ? They exposed that horrible Mormons woman who most likely killed her two children , that have been missing for months !
She is a complete nutcase who says the world will end July 22..
These cults must be stopped the Mormons are one of the worst cults out there they are just bilking the sheep out of billions and they just got busted not paying taxes on the hundred billion dollars in investments !
Why aren't they spending that money glorifying God ?
The fate of their tax exempt status is in the courts now !!

Unknown said...

Cindy do you realize that the Proud Boys support legalization of ALL DRUGS ?
You blindly support anyone who is racist and don't care about anything else they stand for !
Like how you support David Duke and don't believe he is racist , he is the former Grand Dragon of the KKK...
You are thankfully on the FBI and Homeland security watch list , you post So many links to racist it's shameful ...
Do you actually believe , that Jesus was a white guy with blond hair and blue eyes ??
Nothing you stand for is in anyway Christian or glorifying to God .