Friday, February 28, 2020

Campus Reform reporter says Syracuse professors are targeting her

21 minutes ago
This is so crazy. And you know it's only because people BELIEVE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. I'm a grandmother and used to hate Trump, and voted AGAINST him, only because of the crude "grab 'em by the you-know-what" comment. I knew nothing of what he stood for, nor did I care. I thought it was a joke he was running and shocked that he won. I woke up after ACCIDENTALLY stumbling upon all these conservative videos. At first, I would scold people when I learned they voted for Trump! I had to watch thousands of conservative videos and do tons of research to learn the truth and see how the mainstream media LIES about him and conservatives. It's just insane how the media twists and distorts and lies.  I'm a retired newspaper reporter and we were always taught to get the facts of boy did we hear about it. And all of this could be resolved if people would just sit down and LEARN THE FACTS and see how the media lies!


Sea Mikki
12 minutes ago
๐Ÿ’ฏSister! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Verum Bear
11 minutes ago
cindybin2001 Yup, nothing in mainstream media can be trusted, they are experts at causing emotional damage and trauma in people, which is why people have acted like psychopathic nut jobs for the past few years.

33 minutes ago
My daughter told me last night that she tries to get a feel for her professor’s political views before she does ANY assignments for any of them.  This is real folks and our money is fueling it wether we want to or not.


28 minutes ago
This is so crazy. I graduated from college in the 70s, majoring in journalism, and I never even knew what my professor's political views were, nor did I care! I didn't even know the difference between a Democrat and a Republican! I wasn't into politics at all! The only reason I majored in journalism was to write articles, but politics was above my head. I didn't even understand about any of this until a couple of years ago in my 60s, when I accidentally stumbled upon all these conservative videos!


21 minutes ago
cindybin2001, oh the irony! My undergrad in the 80’s was LIBERAL ARTS before I went to law school and I was oblivious as well. If this didn’t happen overnight comparatively speaking I sure didn’t see it coming!


Paul P
12 minutes ago (edited)

The Political Science professor that is harrassing her is a leftist-cultist as seen by his own articles.

He is a Marxist and a anti-white racist that attacks both the First and Second Amendments and our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Do not fund these Communists and Propagandists by sending your innocent children into ANY of these:

 "totally sick and completely leftist-cultist indoctrination camps!".

They may go in all patriotic and then come out as Globalists and Anti-American Communists and vile degenerates!


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