Thursday, December 13, 2018

Whiteness: The Original Sin - Jim Goad

Yesterday I started watching a video on Red Ice TV where they interviewed Jim Goad who wrote a book called Whiteness: The Original Sin. I stopped the video shortly after it started when Mr. Goad blurted out the f-word, and made a comment about how terrible it is he uses profanity. I have spoken up against profanity for years online, long before I came to YouTube, trying to get people to understand how crude, offensive and immoral it is. And since discovering all these conservative channels, I try to get people to see that we aren't going to get nice, decent people to want to come watch videos like these if there is profanity in them and the comments. Well of course I was attacked like crazy when I posted on that Red Ice TV video. I also emailed Mr. Goad personally, scolding him for using profanity and telling him what I said here, and instead of apologizing and thanking me for my comment, he said "Go suck your mother's dick." Yes, he said that. I took a screen cap to prove it. I cannot BELIEVE this! Here this man wrote a BOOK and is working so hard to make a difference in the world, and this is what he is like inside! It is so depressing! As I told all those bullies who were attacking me for my comment, I thought we were all on the same side, watching channels like these, and that conservatives were supposed to be the nice, decent, moral ones and the liberals the nasty potty mouths! Yet I run across profanity all the time online and am usually attacked when I speak up about it. Even when I speak up against drugs, alcohol and immodesty I'm attacked! But the reply I got from that author is just infuriating. I also once scolded YouTuber "Iconoclast" for using profanity in his videos, and he replied and cussed and made fun of me for collecting dolls as a hobby.

And then when I responded to Mr. Goad about how surprised I was at his reply to me, he wrote back a couple more times and cussed and said TERRIBLE things to me! This is so depressing to think people are like this.

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