Friday, October 12, 2018

South Africa: Rampant ANTISEMITISM and KILLINGS of Boers


Anonymous said...

I thought you hate Jews because of their pro-marijuana stance.

Cindybin said...

What are you talking about? I don't hate "Jews"! And are they pro-marijuana? If so, that is TERRIBLE!

UnoRaza2 Stop The ZOG! said...

Most Mormons I know are aware that "Anticommunism" = "ANTISEMITISM".

The black Africans and Muslims in ALL countries are being weaponized against our Occidental brothers and sisters; it is BLOOD Jews who are doing this. (Jesus even wrote of these Jews that created Masonry, a part of which is literally satanic.)

My children are Jewish so I know Jews rather well and I'm speaking of BLOOD, not religion, but if you read the Talmud and Numbers 31, you'll see their religion has serious issues.

If you don't believe me see this; they are the "Lost" Tribe of Dan and infest everything.

They are RAPING, torturing and murdering Occidentals everywhere!

Cindybin said...

I don't understand anything on your blog!

Zender Man said...

Why did you put Jew in quotation marks?