Sunday, September 02, 2018


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I'm an American grandmother and it makes me furious that people say how you guys "peddle Islamophobia", etc. (and of course she uses the sh-word, how crude, offensive and unladylike). Can't these people see why we need to speak up about Islam? Have they SEEN the videos of Muslim preachers speaking to huge groups of UK Muslim men, all of whom agree that stoning adulterers and killing gays is a good thing? Even that having sex with a 9-year-old child is okay, that it doesn't harm her? And they claim to be the normal, moderate, everyday Muslims, not the radical ones! HOW SCARY IS THAT? And there are tons of videos of Muslims bragging about how they will be the majority, due to their much higher birth rate! And when that happens, do you think they will be as nice to us as we are to them? HECK NO. We will be forced to convert or suffer the consequences! Haven't these people seen what is going on in England and most of Europe due to mass immigration? Do they know about the Muslim grooming rape gangs, and how Tommy Robinson has almost died in prison for reporting on these things which officials covered up for decades to fear of being called "racist"? People need to WAKE UP!

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