Monday, September 03, 2018

What happened in Hillary Clinton's 1975 rape case?

Since watching all these conservative videos, I have come across SO many "conservatives" who honestly believe that Hillary Clinton was laughing about a little girl being raped--a case she handled as an attorney years ago. I have researched this and I am sure that Clinton was not laughing at the girl being raped or that the accused person got off, but she was laughing about the craziness of the justice system that allowed this! This video proves it! But when I have tried to tell this to all these "conservatives" , they will hear nothing of it. They don't believe me, they think she laughed about a young girl being raped. This is just crazy. It scares me to think people feel this way. I want to think that I have awakened and could never be on the side of "the left", knowing what I know about how the media lies about Trump, etc.. But I also don't want to be associated with a political party where so many people have such blind hatred for a woman like Hillary Clinton, where they truly believe she was laughing about such a serious matter. This is quite depressing and has left me feeling confused.

1 year ago
So she did her job - granted. BUT was it her job to brag and laugh about it after that? HELL NO! It was not in her job description to brag how she got someone she knew was guilty off scott free and laugh and brag on it! That while not criminal, should be! Its certainly unethical and unprofessional! Its SICK! If she had not of done that interview, she would not have this ghost haunting her and exposing her wicked sinister nature.


1 second ago
ARGGHHH Can't you see that she was laughing at the justice system, how crazy it was?? I am so sick of people accusing her of laughing at a little girl being raped. It scares me that so many "libs" think she was laughing at something like that.

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