Saturday, September 01, 2018

Mainstream Journalists are SHOCKED to hear Fox News Is Reliable

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I'm an American grandmother and had no idea that the mainstream media was so horrible, that they are so biased and even downright lie. I was never into politics, even though I am a former newspaper reporter (I did mostly fluff pieces, human interest stories, etc.). I did not know the difference between Republicans and Democrats, "right" and "left" and didn't care! But then, while looking up information about England, I came across all this stuff about these "Muslim grooming rape gangs". I thought it must be fake, since I hadn't heard anything about it on the news. But I kept searching and found out it was TRUE. From there I learned about Tommy Robinson, and that took me to YouTube channels such as Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, etc. and all these other conservative channels that made me THINK. I had voted AGAINST Trump because of the crude, offensive things he said about and to women; I couldn't believe a man like him was our president! But that was before I knew about the mass immigration problem, etc. Now I realize that Trump understands all this stuff! I see how he watches Fox News and Tucker Carlson (although I disagree with Tucker when it comes to abortion, as I believe in having a choice). But anyway, I have seen all these horrible, horrible mainstream media accounts of videos that I have personally watched, the hit pieces on Tommy Robinson, Jason Kessler of Unite the Right, hit pieces on Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, the ridiculous things the mainstream media says when Trump tweets about the South African farm murders, etc. It's just insane! It makes me want to scold all these reporters for not doing their jobs! Tucker is one of the few reporters I feel I can trust!

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